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I've sold some of my lavender bags on eBay with some more selling in the next few days, they are quite popular. I made this one for myself and I have lots of Laura Ashley designs cut out ready for a friends order + some to make for presents for Feb. There is something quite relaxing making these, must be all the lavender!
Five of my chilli seedlings have appeared but I lost one, I will need to move them out of the prop soon. Just waiting for my T&M seeds, they state seven days delivery but as there is no rush I guess they will turn up soon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Amanda x

my new wellies!

I wasn't planning on buying much for myself this January then Ian received an email with a great bargain; and being a woman I love a good bargain! So I am now the proud owner of my first (and last) pair of Hunter wellies! Just need some wet weather to try them out, never thought I actually want it to rain!

I sold my first lavender bag today on eBay, so was pleased some of my fabric stash came in handy and I love making them. I have a little industry going on in my dining room in the evenings when I have time. I'm now making applique ones with hearts for Valentines day, they are so cute. I won't get rich making them but they will make the buyer happy and that's the object isn't it? Amanda x

chilli seeds

The combination of a sunny morning and browsing through seed catalogues got me into action this morning! I found 8 seeds left from last year (Aji Crystal) + a new pack of T+M left over from last year Tabasco. I washed the heated propogater I stored in the garage and now I have 10 little pots that I hope will germinate in the next week or so. Have you started growing anything yet?

Newington allotment visit

The Iwade allotment group (some of us) visited Newington allotments this morning to look around, here is the line-up. With Iwade allotments soon to be up an running (fingers crossed) it was good to look at plot sizes, car parking, toilet facilities and discuss how it is run. I think we have all come away with a better idea of what is needed and what work needs to be done. Its exiting being at the start of a new community venture and one that is very much in demand. So watch this space for further updates on the progress over the coming months. Enjoy your weekend. Amanda x

I hope mine looks as neat and tidy as this one!

and more space to grow leeks

Blog swap update

I posted a book swap on the 1 January and was contacted by Denise. I was so pleased I did my post because I wasn't sure if anyone would take up my offer. I sent Denise the diary, some flower seeds and a hand-made lavender pillow. Since then I have made another four cushions because I enjoyed making the first one so much. Here is a picture of my lavender bags (work in prgoress) and the lovely cards. I was very lucky to receive hand-made cards in exchange all with my favourite flower, the Allium. A big thank you to Denise who made me smile on receiving such a lovely swap and good luck with your garden planning this year. I plan to do another one in the next few months so watch this space!

purple sprouting broccoli

After my walk today I decided the garden veg patch could do with a tidy. The doves visit my garden daily and I'm sure they have been munching on my purple sprouting broccoli I planted in the Autumn. One plant is much bigger than the rest and hasn't been touched! I could only find one spare CD and tied this to one of the wigwam canes I made last year. Hopefully that will keep them off until I buy some netting. It was good digging over the veg patch and thinking about what to plant this year. Hopefully the allotment space will be ready soon so that I can plan what to plant there too. I think it would be sensible to keep to beans, toms, lettuce etc in the garden and plant some raspberry canes along the fence. The beans didn't do well there last year so it's free space. I'm trying to pack as much into my last day before returning to work tomorrow! Now to finish the washing :-(

Book swap

I have a spare Sarah Raven diary, I ordered two last year. If you would like to do a swap with some seeds or something else you don't need or have two of please leave me a message. If you have one of two books I'm after even better (Sister by Rosamund Lupton or Nigel Slater Toast) Happy New Year! Amanda x