Tuesday, 19 July 2016

We are having a mini heatwave

For those of you outside the UK having warm weather in the UK is something of a rarity, rain on the other hand we do very well. So this week we are having a mini heatwave and its great if you don't have to work, commute or doing anything that makes you move and get too hot!

too hot for blankets, lets just look at them

I was trying to finish my granny square blanket (shown in the Rocky Road picture), the border is well under way but hey who want's to sit under a hot blanket in this heat? So I guess its going to have to wait another week or so. In the meantime I can still make blankets as squares are so much more portable and I don't need to join them right now. I spent a lot of my weekend in the garden as the weather was so lovely, and we have plans to make some more changes to the area in front of the pond. I like the idea of a chill out area, and those rattan sofas are calling me. I can see myself with a cold drink or cup of tea crocheting to the sound of moving water. But this involves moving a rather large kennel so its early planning stages for now.

my garden

I'm also helping with the yarnbombmoth project and my squares are looking lovely (if I may say so myself) I haven't made granny squares from Stylecraft Special DK in a long time, so this is a great opportunity to get back to using it. I have so much in my stash I was more than happy to help out. I plan to send them off in the next couple of days and I'll post a picture or two before I do.

crochet in the garden

The good thing about my other hobby if that's the correct title, is my love of swimming. I plan to get to the pool every night this week. I started off well last night, managing 40 lengths and rewarding myself with a ten minute sauna followed by a cold shower. So today will be more bearable knowing I can get into the car, full air con and drive to a cool pool, literally. Oh ant the Rocky Road was perfect for the fridge, and its all gone!

Rocky Road

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunday: crochet, coffee and judging the garden show

Sunday morning started off sunny and baking hot. I met up with two local ladies in the new Mews Brews coffee shop, wow fab place and such great service. Too early for cake (I was just being polite) so had a regular latte, the best I've tasted in ages. The cakes kept calling but I resisted temptation as I've eaten my way through half a rocky road tray bake since Friday night. Trying out s new recipe of my Macmillan coffee morning in September - nothing like getting organised!

Anyway back to Mews Brews. It's in the village and in the old estate agent shop, beautifully designed with a mixture of old and new furniture. We sat in the sofa library area, wow must go back with my crochet and grab that cost spot and a big slice of cake.

Mews Brews Iwade
 LOVE Cake!
cute tea cosy

the library corner

I'm now sitting in the lounge, the coolest place in my house, crocheting granny squares for the yarnbombmoth project (being run by The Little Wicker Basket) you can find the details via my Instragram feed
Ooh and I found another Bakelite beehive wool holder in red, isn't it it cute. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Glorious granny squares

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

vintage inspired granny blanket and vintage finds

I know, its a bit warm to be sitting under a granny blanket, but as I'm now trying to complete the border I am trying to do this in the evening in the garden in the shade. I gave up last night in favor of my granny square inspired top, the back (or front) is almost finished, it will be tonight (yah!)

granny square jumper in progress
glorious granny squares

June was definitely a granny square kind of month, just looking back on all my Instagram feeds, wow so many granny squares. I am totally hooked or obsessed, which ever way you look at it. Last night I sat in the garden crocheting and the big pot of red geraniums are about to flower. Good old Morrison's supermarket, always great quality plants and reasonable. Well gardening shouldn't be about spending vast amounts of money, should it? I potted three plants into a plastic tub my mum gave me ages ago. I went back to get more geraniums for the matching pot but sadly none left. I will post a picture once the buds are in flower, there will be lots of them

vintage Bakelite beehive wool holder

Here is my latest vintage find, isn't it lovely? It also has the original plastic tie attached. One to cherish. I wonder who used to use this? Its in such fabulous condition, almost new. Not bad since it was made in the 1950s

Friday, 10 June 2016

sunbathing, tea and crochet

Wow where has the time gone, where have the months gone? June already - really going quick this year! Does time travel faster when you are getting older? I haven't reached my milestone birthday, the big 50 just yet (that's next year!) But as I'm in my last year of my 40s I intend to enjoy it to the fullest, meeting up with friends old and new, trying new things, including new crafts perhaps. The possibilities are endless if you put your mind to it. I fancy knitting socks, sign of getting old, nah everyone is knitting socks these days. I did make an attempt one evening this week but to be honest it was 10:30pm when  I started and it was way too late to be attempting casting on 60 stitches and placing them on DPs at that time of night. I did managed to knit in the round but I gave up and have since found a new pattern.

sunshine holiday blanket

With projects piling up around me I am trying to be good and finish my WIPs first. Talking of WIPs here is one I'm working on this week, have to say I love Stylecraft Special DK for its price, colour range and it crochets so well. After this blanket I need to finish my duck egg blue then my new Cath Kidston inspired colour pallette in my all time favourite Debbie Bliss Rialto DK. I did finish my first Hitchhiker and cast on my second and I've worn it a few times, so soft and colourful.

crochet in my lunch break

In between crochet I have been doing a little pottering in my garden. Not had much in the way of my veggie patch but I did manage to plant a couple of courgette and cucumber plants last Sunday. Really do need to plant the beans but as my anti-Moss cage failed there really didn't seem much point when my crafty spaniel will just trample them or pull them up for me thinking he's being my under-gardener. Maybe I should just use canes like last year as it did the trick but didn't look that great. I think this weekend I will rig-up another make-do-and-mend kind of veggie cage to keep him out and my beans in!

Enjoy your garden, crochet, knitting, weekend and I will be back soon.


sunbathing and crochet

granny blanket drying in the sunshine

tea and crochet

hitchhiker shawl finished

Friday, 15 April 2016

another granny square blanket

Whilst I wait for seedlings to emerge (4 varieties of tomato plants sown last weekend) I am still busy making granny squares for my own blanket. I actually like the fact the weather has changed and is back to April showers so that I can sit in front of the tv and add more squares. Last night I managed to add a few more and I've now joined 82, not many more to go but still some to crochet, sew in the ends before joining. I guess I will have it finished this month. Another WIP complete, great stuff. Did you know you can also follow me on Pinterest and Instagram

Almond blossom in my garden

Last Friday we had a trip to London (Covent Garden) and then onto the O2 to see Rick Astley, hightlight of our year as it was the third concert. Loved his new song Keep on Singing and he played some new tracks from his album 50 released in June and some of his classic 80s. Danced and danced and sang out of tune, had the best fun ever!

love these tiles in the tube station

I still have a baby cardigan to sew up, two trendychales to finish, another granny stripe blanket and last years summer sleeveless jumper. I might just get on and finished the cotton jumper first, I did cast on for the front over the weekend and I have to admit I hate the yarn (Sirdar Cotton DK) but I'll continue then try to find another pattern or change my needle size, my tension looks wrong but would look ok using normal DK yarn. Does anyone else suffer with this problem knitting with cotton?

Anyway the weekend is almost here and my task will be to sew the baby cardigan, block and add a button and crochet some more squares. But I do plan to see the bluebells at Cobham Woods on Sunday morning, love that smell. I'll leave you now with some pictures of my granny square blanket.

granny blanket in progress
each time you see different colours
glorious granny squares
more granny squares

Friday, 1 April 2016

Granny Blanket tadah

I can now show you the gifted blanket. I have to say I am very happy with how it turned out. I have hundreds of photos of my progress over the last 7 weeks. I've enjoyed every single moment making it, even sewing in the ends!

Here are some of the photos, not too many crochet porn!

The sun is shining here in Kent and gardening planned for Sunday, lots of new plants to plant out thanks to my sister dropping off lots of plants she has grown for me. I'll post some pictures over the weekend.

two blankets on the go

quiet crochet time and a cuppa

lots of circles to start of my granny squares

round 3

tadah and its finished with a picot edge

I taught myself crochet pom poms at lunchtime today

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spring is here - lots of gardening (and some crochet)

I've been pretty busy lately trying to fit everything in. Three blankets in progress, a lot of training for my Swimathon which took place on 29 March which this year is for Sport Relief (I raised £500!) and a new gardening competition for the village I live in. Wow I have been busy! Oh and my dads starts his next round of chemo and radiotherapy combined today for 5 weeks (that's the horrible bit of this post so we will quickly move on).

Can you grow the tallest sunflower competition
So the gardening competition for the village is in full swing and getting quite competitive amongst residents and roads! The children started off their sunflower seeds in pots at the last farmers market and that was great fun. I was lucky to get in touch with Thompson and Morgan and they kindly donated all the seeds plus extra which we are using as a community seed plant out day in the summer/ The children really enjoyed putting the seeds into the soil and I pre-prepared seed labels so it looked so cute, all written in silver permanent marker which went down well. I've been receiving photos of the progress and its so lovely to get involved and meet new people.  With the village growing so rapidly (it's not really a village anymore but we like to keep the community going and close) Some of the families took seeds home to plant directly in their gardens in a sunny site. Actually my husband directly sowed ours yesterday in a sunny spot next to our veggie patch, not that we are joining in but it will be good fun, we haven't grown large sunflowers since Jack was little and he's 24 this August.

another pot of potential
a residents sun flower seed

I've been super busy with blanket projects, one will be finished tonight but I can't post my tadah moment yet as it hasn't been gifted but I am so pleased with it. It you follow me on Instagram there are many many pictures of it there, and I hope you like it too. I am next going to finish the duck egg blue blanket which may or may not be a wedding anniversary present to my parents who celebrate 50 years this year, I think that might be a nice gift.

So I am slowing getting back to Blogging, although Instagram has taken over, as its so quick for me to post photos from my phone. I've yet to get Blogger to work properly from my iPhone, I think its the app that isn't very good.

I did lots of gardening over the Easter weekend, got my gardening mojo back after my neighbour moved out (yeah!!) We now have lovely neighbours and we plan to use our garden all the time now, weather permitting. So the weekend saw new life going into the garden including a new variety of Photina called Pink Marble from Morrison's for a bargain price of £7, which will be a lovely addition to go with the Red Robin shrubs or trees!

A few weeks ago we took Moss for a long walk (about 5.2 miles) along the Saxon Shoreway, its was cold but a lovely bright sunny walk followed by a cream tea at home. Here are a collection of pictures from our walk, I do like using Layout and Phonto on my phone!

Anyway that's it from me for now. I'll try not to leave it so long for the next post and to find some time to read all of yours.

Amanda x