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Easy Moss stitch cowl

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Earl Grey + Marmalade

After knitting my latest hat I noticed that a few of the colours reminded me of Earl Grey and Marmalade. Chatting away to my insta buddy (aka sewhappycreative) she said oh that's lovely and off she went to produce just this colour! She then sent me the first dye batch on Saturday and I decided to knit another blackberry stitch beanie (my all time favourite knitting pattern). I love the colour and the texture its just right for this beautiful yarm.

I knit mine on 5mm KnitPro symfonie short tips, these are so lovely and its a quick knit. Don't let those blackberries fool you into thinking its difficult. Once you get into the rhythm they are easy and knit up in no time at all.

You can find the Blackberry Stitch pattern here 

My normal yarn for this pattern would be Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and you can buy it here (its on special) But why not contact Fiona and try her gorgeous hand dye yarn.

Happy Knitting!

cables, hats and gorgeous yarn

I've been having a cosy week surrounded by gorgeous yarn and knitting another cable hat. I really do love this pattern and I've now lost count of how many I've knitted since October! I'm even planning another one in a new colourway from Sew Happy Creative (Fiona has gone and dye me a special colour and I can't wait to see it tonight when I get home)

The latest colour is called Winters Plum and I was lucky to receive this as my Christmas present from Fiona, and I love the way the colours pool in each of the cables. Some people don't like colour pooling but I like to see how each individual skein knits up without any intervention.  I hope you manage to have time to knit or crochet, I can't go a day without it.

January projects

Well we are into the third week of January and I'm working on lots of projects (as usual) and will have some exiting collaborations to tell you about later this month. Its an exiting month ahead, be sure to look at my Instagram page for updates.

First up is my granny square blanket using Debbie Bliss Rialto DK yarn, my absolute favourite yarn ever and I have a big stash of this hiding under my bed (like you do) So far I have about 40 squares joined with lots more to make. I plan to make 100 in total and maybe no two will be the same. Its a great project for stash busting too.

It has to be my favourite project because using join as you go method pieces all the puzzle together and you end with one large colourful blanket thats taken hours upon hours to complete and last years.

Then there's my take on the granny square jumper by Cassie Ward that was published in Insidecrochet magazine issue 96 and lots of mustard using Stylecraft Special DK yarn. I started this back in June 2019…

crochet star garland

These little stars are so easy to crochet and very addictive. You can find the pattern over at Attic 24 with a brilliant easy to follow tutorial.

My finished garland is for sale in my Etsy store.

Crochet Christmas stars

So I should be finishing g this Gryer shawl but I kind of got distracted with these teeny tiny crochet stars, they are very addictive! I found the pattern on attic 24 and another easy to follow brilliant little pattern that you can memorise after just maki g one or two. Umm I may have made enough for a little garland just in time for Christmas. Don’t just take my word for it pop over to try out the pattern yourself , I bet you can’t stop either.
I’m using Scheepjes Stonewashed in Yellow Jasper and I’ve also got a small amount of minis left that I’ve started using in some gorgeous colours. The little balls of yarn are just perfect for this project.

Christmas crochet

Catching up with some granny squares this week for my work in progress blanket. I should be knitting a hat but I wanted a change and a treat, we all need a treat at this time of year don't we? We are all running around buying presents for loved ones and friends and forget ourselves. Self care it is then! I may have ordered more Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn too, oops well it is on sale.

I also managed to bottle up my summer raspberry gin that has turned into the most delicious liqueur if I do say myself. Its going to be my drink on Christmas day with some Asti. You can find my cranberry gin recipe on my blog, just use what fruit you want. Last year I made cranberry and orange for gift bags, my friends loved it, why wouldn't they!

I bought some lovely silver and gold jar labels in Oad Street on Saturday and I'll use these for my chilli jam gifts I'm making this week. I alos bought some silver fabric for the jar tops. Love faffing about with the packaging as much as the ma…