Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

It's hard to believe that today is the 31st October, all Hallows Eve, its just too warm isn't it? I took a quick walk outside my office at lunchtime and it is a beautiful day out there. Warm and breezy with such lovely autumnal colours that I am missing from my office desk.

fallen leaves

some leaves still on the tree outside my office

fallen leaves, a sign of autumn

I stated my Moss Stitch snood last night, and I've almost knitted through one ball. I love the colour and its so soft. Should have it finished this weekend and I plan to knit another one in a different colour. Enjoy your Halloween, I'm off for a swim, my local pool will be empty!

Moss stitch snood in progress

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Moss stitch snood (free knitting pattern revisted)

You might remember this post from last November, the free knitting pattern for the snood knitted in Rico Creative Twist Super Chunky. I have finally ordered my grey wool through Loveknitting this week and I can't wait to start.

Moss stitch is my favourite pattern, especially on 10mm needles so it knits up super quick. I call Moss stitch little kisses and its so easy to knit, I also use it in my wash cloth pattern. For this snood pattern you only have to cast on 19 stitches, which makes it a great project for a Christmas present!

Friday, 24 October 2014

hand knitted wash cloths

This week on my new Addi 20cm needles from are these bright and useful wash cloths. You can also buy the Addi needles in 35cm length (I have both!) I've been knitting mine in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, its lovely to knit with and great stitch definition. If you can get your hands on discontinued colours it makes it a reasonably priced gift.

The pattern for the wash cloth in purple can be found here at Mollie Makes and its really easy and knits up so quickly, I knitted part of one in about 20 mins. The one in pink is easy to remember too. Here is the pattern. 

Cast on 35 stitches, knit the first 3 or 6 rows, then K4 for border, K1, P1, K1 to last 4 stitches, K4 for border. Knit until piece measures 8" then knit the last 3 or 6 rows and cast off knit wise. Sew in ends. That's it. These make perfect Christmas gifts with a bar of soap and gift wrapped with a hand-knitted wrapper. You can print the gift wrapper here

Monday, 20 October 2014

my new Aran cardigan

I bought this Aran cardigan on eBay last week for £19.99 brand new thinking it was probably acrylic and not the real thing; no one else bid and I won at the starting bid. The lady said it was an unwanted hand knitted gift, she was based in Scotland so something told me it might be ok. The picture wasnt very good either so it probably put people off. Similar were selling for far more so omagine my surprise this morning when it arrived at work. It's the same as this without the pockets, bargain of the year I think! Its beautifully knitted and I can't see any joins or seams, now we need some cold weather!

We've had our holiday on the Norfolk Broads, I'll update you with pictures and all about it soon. I hope you are enjoying the autumn sunshine, it was lovely at the weekend for walking Moss.

Friday, 26 September 2014

a colourful crochet granny square baby blanket

I did it, I finally got my act together and finished the tiny granny square blanket for Abbie's baby. Abbie is my hairdresser and she's expecting her fist baby in November, so what better gift than a hand-made bright snuggly baby blanket made up of 64 little granny squares. Wow 64, I hadn't realised I'd made that many.

Tiny granny square blanket finished

Each little granny square is made up of 3 rounds, the 3rd round joining as I went along. I finished off with 3 rounds of pink granny stripes all in Stylecraft Special DK. It's machine washable and could double as a play mat. Sorry about the picture quality, I took them at 10:30pm the other night after I'd finished it!

blanket in progress, I changed it to 8x8

I've enjoyed making this blanket so much and will miss it. It was a small project (24" square) but still a challenge. I'm now pretty good at putting the little squares together and now plan to finish my granny square blanket now that the evenings are drawing in and getting chilly!

We are off to the Broads next weekend so I guess I'll be busy washing, ironing and packing for the next few days. Can't wait and as it's Ian's 50th it should be a fun holiday. There will be 5 adults and one Springer and one large 45 foot boat! (Springer Spaniel + water = eyes in the back of your head!)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Afternoon tea at Eastwell Manor

On the 4th September we visited Eastwell Manor and couldn't have picked a better day. They even put the red carpet out. Oh ok it was for a wedding. The weather was lovely and the grounds of the manor are lovely too and a harpist was playing for the wedding party. 

The cakes are even better! By accident I deleted the photo, sorry. The day was to celebrate my mums 70th and my dads birthday that week. We all had a brilliant time and looking forward to visiting again.

mum and dad

the entrance

beautiful gardens

mum & dad

the girls

the grounds

the garden where weddings are held

Monday, 15 September 2014

free knitting pattern (wash cloth patterns)

A quick last minute gift that can be wrapped with a bar of soap, a wash cloth. I've made these during the past few months for presents for friends. The pink one is knitted in 100% cotton Anchor Style Magicline Splash main colour pink with lots of specs of other colours. I think this looks like tuti fruit sweets. The yarn comes in lots of pretty colours and I had a whole bag in my loft!

The Pattern
Cast on 35 stitches using 4.5mm straight needles

Knit 3 rows

Knit 3, K1, P1 repeat to last 3 stitches, K3

continue until it measures 8 inches then K3 rows and cast off in knit.

That's it, nice and simple.

Another variation (knitted in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK) bright purple for a friends birthday and a joy to knit with. Knits up slightly larger than the other cotton yarn. For the next one I'm going to try 4mm needles.

The Pattern
Cast on 40 stitches using 4.5 straight needles

Knit 2 rows
K1, P1 repeat to end
P1, K1 repeat to end

That's it a 4 row pattern. Knit until piece measures 9inches, which should be the same size as the width. Wrap with a bar of soap. The free printable handknits tag can be downloaded here