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Christmas knitting antler cables

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crochet cowl

I've almost finished my crochet cowl by Rosina Northcott (aka zeensandroger on Instagram) that  I started last Saturday. I was waiting for more yarn to complete the last row, and its arrived today from Lusciously Loopy Yarn (yeah) just ran out of one row but didn't want to substitute the colour.

When I saw the pattern in Mollie Makes issue 103 earlier this year I knew it was something I wanted to make but I couldn't decide on the yarn at the time. I couldn't find the magazine then searched on eBay and luckily I found a new copy, sealed.

Then recently I bought some hand dye merino yarn from my lovely friend Fiona at Sewhappily Creative and I knew then the main yarn had to be Scheepjes Stonewashed and I have a huge stash of it (all be it not quite enough for the last row!). Fiona introduced me to the Stonewashed earlier this year and its one of my favourite yarns to crochet and knit with. I knitted my Gryer Shawl in May using six colours and I've another on my needle…

granny stripe blanket

About six years ago I taught myself to crochet using You Tube and a few library books. My first project was the lovely Attic24 granny stripe blanket. I don't think my foundation chain was the same as Lucy's, it was a bit hit and miss, and the colours in mine were pretty random but six years on and I spent the night at my parents and used this blanket.

It was warm and cosy and perfect. Although I didn't sleep much it was such a comfort.

Its come full circle since starting this with my dads first round of cancer treatment and now he's back in hospital for his third operation. I say this every time I see this blanket, I must make another one.

I got home on Sunday evening and did start another one, starting with mustard. Life has been a bit hectic since then so I plan to try to get back and add another row or two this weekend, love watching a blanket grow don't you?

I will try to find some time to jot down the colours

Easy Moss stitch snood

I posted this back in 2013 and its been such a popular post but the link was broken, here it is again because I'm sure my readers would love to knit this up for gifts over Christmas.

I'm currently knitting one in King Cole Twirly Tweed Chunky and the colourway is called Raspberry Ripple. I'm using 7mm knitting kneedles althought the pattern states 6mm.

I bought the yarn in Brighton back in May. Its going to look great with my grey coat or a grey jumper, perfect accessory for the chilly weather.

I have cast on 33 stitches for this yarn but the Rico yarn uses larges needles and only 19 stitches. I've knitted this for friends and family for Christmas presents and it looks great.

Happy Knitting


another granny square blanket

Isn't it  the best crochet therapy ever? I really do love the simple granny square, a timeless classic. I never get bored with making these and its very satisfying to sit back and look at a neat stack.

A couple of weeks back it was full on granny square production line. Here are some of the photos I took. Currently have 36 joined and another 60+ to make. Its a great project for adding to as and when you feel like it. I like that kind of no pressure kind of project.

I pick it up and instantly smile and the happy colours. I have a few baskets full of Debbie Bliss Rialto DK plus a whole box under my bed full of new yarn (oops!) Its going to be big, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa. Full of merino yarn which is so soft and machine washable (added bonus). Just need to decide on a nice wide border. I'll  be picking this up over the weekend and playing with colours.

My preferred joining method is join-as-you-go because I love the vintage feel of a patchwork blanket. Each square s…

Crochet Sweater (Hepworth)

I've been wanting to start the Hepworth sweater ever since I saw it on Instagram (Inside Crochet) but I had to finish my blanket first (not that normally stops me!) I had ten balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran stashed under my bed in a plastic box. Is it just me or does everyone have stash in every room and the loft?! Its not a true aran (I don't think) and its a little greedy so I'm just hoping ten balls is enough because its a discontinued colour and I can only find it in Slovenia via eBay and the postage alone is £9 so that's out of my budget. 
Especially as I've bought most of Lynns stock at Lusciously Loopy Yarn of Rico Design Essentials soft merino in almost every colour she stocked. The last delivery arrived at work today, hidden away from my husbands view.
If you fancy crocheting up this gorgeous sweater you can find the pattern in Inside Crochet issue 117 and follow my progress on my Instagram account 

Sweetheart Crochet Granny blanket

Well September has been and gone and it was a month that started with our first trip to Lake Como and we fell in love with Italy, crochet bobbles, knitting pumpkins and finally finishing my sweetheart granny square blanket. Look at all the crochet bobbles, I now want to add them everything!

I'll leave you to look at the September highlights and colourful grid.

You can see October's pictures over on my Instagram account and patterns are available on my Etsy, Ravelry and LoveCrafts accounts.