Sunday, 30 January 2011

I've sold some of my lavender bags on eBay with some more selling in the next few days, they are quite popular. I made this one for myself and I have lots of Laura Ashley designs cut out ready for a friends order + some to make for presents for Feb. There is something quite relaxing making these, must be all the lavender!
Five of my chilli seedlings have appeared but I lost one, I will need to move them out of the prop soon. Just waiting for my T&M seeds, they state seven days delivery but as there is no rush I guess they will turn up soon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Amanda x


Jo said...

Well done, it sounds like your little business venture is going well. I haven't started any seeds off yet, but I might get my peppers planted today if I find the time.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Quite a coo=ttage industry you have there - a friend sells rooted plant cuttings on ebay and seems to do really well from them