Saturday, 15 January 2011

Newington allotment visit

The Iwade allotment group (some of us) visited Newington allotments this morning to look around, here is the line-up. With Iwade allotments soon to be up an running (fingers crossed) it was good to look at plot sizes, car parking, toilet facilities and discuss how it is run. I think we have all come away with a better idea of what is needed and what work needs to be done. Its exiting being at the start of a new community venture and one that is very much in demand. So watch this space for further updates on the progress over the coming months. Enjoy your weekend. Amanda x

I hope mine looks as neat and tidy as this one!

and more space to grow leeks


Jo said...

It sounds like a great trip out, especially as you'll be starting your project soon. It's good that you'll be involved right at the beginning. I'm sure you'll love spending time on your plot.

eight by six said...

Yes its exiting and lots to do. I've been looking through my seed catalogues and ordered some from T&M as they sent me a £10 voucher! I think mice are eating my brocolli because I can't see any caterpillars, what do you think?

Jo said...

Are they netted? If not it could be pigeons.