Saturday, 1 January 2011

Book swap

I have a spare Sarah Raven diary, I ordered two last year. If you would like to do a swap with some seeds or something else you don't need or have two of please leave me a message. If you have one of two books I'm after even better (Sister by Rosamund Lupton or Nigel Slater Toast) Happy New Year! Amanda x


mrsnesbitt said...

Hello - gosh my first time here via another blog where I left a comment to say I need to buy a diary! It seems quite cheeky really to come here and say "Hey I'll gladly do a swap" but now I am here I will!
Please let me know what seeds you are missing/needing and I will pop some in the post.
Kind REgards from North Yorkshire.
Denise x

Jo said...

What a good idea to offer a swap. I'm all set with my Cavalier diary for 2011, just been putting a few dates in it.

eight by six said...

Hi Denise - that's great and glad you found me. Maybe you could email me to let me know what seeds you have and how many packs you want to swap. and please leave your address. I'm back at work on Tuesday and will post it off to you. thanks Amanda x