Thursday, 31 July 2008

A sample of what I have been eating this week

There have been: courgettes, French beans, my first patty pan (picked too early I think!), first cucumber and a handful of runner beans! The picture on the left shows the vegetables I picked fresh this morning. The others were harvested earlier this week and in between there have been more French beans. They say the more you pick .....

I'm a bit disappointed that the dwarf beans seem to have exhausted themselves which gives me space to grow something else now! I picked up a packet of turnip Golden Ball last weekend so I will put them in this weekend.

I have all next week off work, so I am looking forward to visiting some friends, popping to the beach and having a rest.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Lazy Saturday morning

I didn't fancy tackling the housework this morning so I decided to water the vegetable plot again. I had watered it really well the night before. Luckily I did as I missed a courgette and it was huge, a baby marrow! That will teach me.

We have been eating French beans all week and they are so nice. We had so many that I even took some to work for Jean to eat along with some spare courgettes. I checked today and there should be enough beans for Sunday lunch. I'm so pleased I decided to grow more this year than last year. The runners got a bit wind swept and are now picking up with lots of beans. Hopefully I can eat some soon.

The cucumbers are doing really well by the back door and I have three that are big but have to wait a bit longer, have to be a bit patient. Same for the tomatoes, there are loads of them but none ready to pick as they are all green still, shame. I'm pleased I grew them myself this year as they were so easy and far more rewarding. But I think I will stick to the tumbling toms for next year as they don't get so wind swept like the gardeners delight. The sweetcorn that I decided to put in as an afterthought is also doing really well, I’m quite surprised. There are one to two cobs on each plant, so that should be plenty for us!

The celeriac, that Anne gave me, is doing really well. Thanks Anne. I just read up on them and I can't enjoy them for a couple more months yet, about October. I will grow them next year, as they seem to be trouble free so long as you water them daily.

I planted some Turnip seeds (Arcoat) a few days ago in a tub on the patio and they have already germinated. I hope they do ok as they look nice on the picture on the packet. The carrots I planted a month ago have also gone crazy; I think I need to thin them out a little bit. I also planted them in the vegetable garden as I had a little space or rather I made some space!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda

Thursday, 17 July 2008

What's going on

Thank you to Dave for inviting me and other Iwade residents to the Sheppey Horticultural Society Flower and Vegetable Show.

It will be held at Delacey Hall, Esplandade Gardens, Sheerness (next to the Leisure Centre)
Saturday 30th August 3pm to 6pm and Sunday 31st August 11am to 4pm
Refreshments Available Admission 50p

I am looking forward to going to my first flower and vegetable show this August and have invited the gardening club in Iwade to join me. We can use this time to see how the experienced allotment holders do it and to ask any questions we may have.

And for all you serious cooks out there, Debenhams have a special offer on all Le Creuset cookware this weekend I haven't bought any of this range for ages and I really needed a large frying pan. So with the voucher I was given recently I treated myself to one! I just need to track down the lid now, I think John Lewis have them. So its going to be courgette & pea frittata for dinner tonight!

I've added a picture of some of my peas tonight. I may not have grown very many this year, only 4 plants, but the ones I have are perfect! And I started them far too late in toilet rolls! Must grow lots more next year!

Woolworths still had some seeds reduced this week and I managed to get some broad beans. Not sure whether to put them in the ground this autumn or wait until next year. If anyone has any previous experience I would be pleased to hear from you.

Enjoy your weekend. Amanda

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Summer Vegetable Soup

There were lots of courgettes, French beans and a handful of peas today so summer vegetable soup it had to be! With the left over carrots and red onions from Sainsburys :-( and some new potatoes from a local farm shop I was ready for action. I haven’t made soup for a while and just fancied a warm bowl before setting off to the church for the summer concert. Due to the unsettled weather it’s now planned for inside the church, such a shame. I’ll let you know next time how the concert was.

The new shop opened on Monday and it was good to meet up with some friends and enjoy a glass of wine and some food. The report missed this weeks KM and Gazette so hopefully it will be in next weeks papers.

Not much happening this week in the garden apart from harvesting courgettes almost daily and French beans. Almost finished the broccoli and looking forward to making way from something else. My carrots are doing well in the long pots from a couple of weeks ago, so I may try some in the vegetable plot. Lots of friends have enjoyed my courgettes this month; they have been the biggest success so far. I read somewhere that one plant is ample but I had to have three. It’s nice to give some away to friends that are not growing any this year. If I have too many I plan to make chutney but can’t find my recipe that I printed out recently, it will turn up when I don’t need it!
Anyway off to check the summer soup. Enjoy your weekend. Amanda

Saturday, 5 July 2008

French beans and broccoli with my dinner

I am looking forward to Sunday lunch tomorrow so I can eat some fresh French beans and broccoli with my dinner. I checked on my leeks today and they should be ready in a couple more months. I’m so inpatient and can’t wait to pull some of them up and cook them with a cheese sauce!

I made three Frittatas this week with courgettes and herbs out of the garden. They were really good. I made and extra one and left it in the fridge to chill overnight and it was just as good cold as it was hot.

My sweetcorn has gone mad. My sister popped over today for lunch and said they will get a bit bigger yet. I think I might have to forget them next year to make way for something else. I am now planning to extend the vegetable garden this year as I’ve enjoyed it so much. Plan is to order some more wood in September in time to start growing some winter veg. I will probably go for some plug plants as they have been so successful and saves me time and space.

I planted up the carrots last weekend and they have germinated. Let’s hope we get to eat some fresh ones in October. I have finally managed to grow lots of Rocket for my salads. I was given a packet of Runaway by my mum and they grew so quickly, I’ll be eating that for the rest of the summer!

Anyway off to cook my dinner. Enjoy your weekend. Amanda