Thursday, 31 July 2008

A sample of what I have been eating this week

There have been: courgettes, French beans, my first patty pan (picked too early I think!), first cucumber and a handful of runner beans! The picture on the left shows the vegetables I picked fresh this morning. The others were harvested earlier this week and in between there have been more French beans. They say the more you pick .....

I'm a bit disappointed that the dwarf beans seem to have exhausted themselves which gives me space to grow something else now! I picked up a packet of turnip Golden Ball last weekend so I will put them in this weekend.

I have all next week off work, so I am looking forward to visiting some friends, popping to the beach and having a rest.

Enjoy your weekend.


Big Gaz said...

Hi Amanda,
Have to say I like your site.

We are in Rushenden, and have recently taken on an allotment at Medway Road.

Any chance you could put a link to my blog on your site, I will do same for you.

I'm currently 5th in the Top 100 Gardening Sites!

Many thanks

eight by six said...

Hi Dave

Thanks for your note. That's funny as I turned down a plot at Medway Road earlier this year. I visited the Sheerness flower and veg show yesterday, did you?
Yes of course I can add a link. Consider it done!