Thursday, 17 July 2008

What's going on

Thank you to Dave for inviting me and other Iwade residents to the Sheppey Horticultural Society Flower and Vegetable Show.

It will be held at Delacey Hall, Esplandade Gardens, Sheerness (next to the Leisure Centre)
Saturday 30th August 3pm to 6pm and Sunday 31st August 11am to 4pm
Refreshments Available Admission 50p

I am looking forward to going to my first flower and vegetable show this August and have invited the gardening club in Iwade to join me. We can use this time to see how the experienced allotment holders do it and to ask any questions we may have.

And for all you serious cooks out there, Debenhams have a special offer on all Le Creuset cookware this weekend I haven't bought any of this range for ages and I really needed a large frying pan. So with the voucher I was given recently I treated myself to one! I just need to track down the lid now, I think John Lewis have them. So its going to be courgette & pea frittata for dinner tonight!

I've added a picture of some of my peas tonight. I may not have grown very many this year, only 4 plants, but the ones I have are perfect! And I started them far too late in toilet rolls! Must grow lots more next year!

Woolworths still had some seeds reduced this week and I managed to get some broad beans. Not sure whether to put them in the ground this autumn or wait until next year. If anyone has any previous experience I would be pleased to hear from you.

Enjoy your weekend. Amanda

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Gary Jen Sammie and Ruby said...

Hi Amanda,
Please could you let me know contact details for "Dave" - Sheppey Allotment Society, as I have lost his details.


Gary @ ReadsRetreat