Saturday, 12 July 2008

Summer Vegetable Soup

There were lots of courgettes, French beans and a handful of peas today so summer vegetable soup it had to be! With the left over carrots and red onions from Sainsburys :-( and some new potatoes from a local farm shop I was ready for action. I haven’t made soup for a while and just fancied a warm bowl before setting off to the church for the summer concert. Due to the unsettled weather it’s now planned for inside the church, such a shame. I’ll let you know next time how the concert was.

The new shop opened on Monday and it was good to meet up with some friends and enjoy a glass of wine and some food. The report missed this weeks KM and Gazette so hopefully it will be in next weeks papers.

Not much happening this week in the garden apart from harvesting courgettes almost daily and French beans. Almost finished the broccoli and looking forward to making way from something else. My carrots are doing well in the long pots from a couple of weeks ago, so I may try some in the vegetable plot. Lots of friends have enjoyed my courgettes this month; they have been the biggest success so far. I read somewhere that one plant is ample but I had to have three. It’s nice to give some away to friends that are not growing any this year. If I have too many I plan to make chutney but can’t find my recipe that I printed out recently, it will turn up when I don’t need it!
Anyway off to check the summer soup. Enjoy your weekend. Amanda

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