Saturday, 5 July 2008

French beans and broccoli with my dinner

I am looking forward to Sunday lunch tomorrow so I can eat some fresh French beans and broccoli with my dinner. I checked on my leeks today and they should be ready in a couple more months. I’m so inpatient and can’t wait to pull some of them up and cook them with a cheese sauce!

I made three Frittatas this week with courgettes and herbs out of the garden. They were really good. I made and extra one and left it in the fridge to chill overnight and it was just as good cold as it was hot.

My sweetcorn has gone mad. My sister popped over today for lunch and said they will get a bit bigger yet. I think I might have to forget them next year to make way for something else. I am now planning to extend the vegetable garden this year as I’ve enjoyed it so much. Plan is to order some more wood in September in time to start growing some winter veg. I will probably go for some plug plants as they have been so successful and saves me time and space.

I planted up the carrots last weekend and they have germinated. Let’s hope we get to eat some fresh ones in October. I have finally managed to grow lots of Rocket for my salads. I was given a packet of Runaway by my mum and they grew so quickly, I’ll be eating that for the rest of the summer!

Anyway off to cook my dinner. Enjoy your weekend. Amanda

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