Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Lazy Saturday morning

I didn't fancy tackling the housework this morning so I decided to water the vegetable plot again. I had watered it really well the night before. Luckily I did as I missed a courgette and it was huge, a baby marrow! That will teach me.

We have been eating French beans all week and they are so nice. We had so many that I even took some to work for Jean to eat along with some spare courgettes. I checked today and there should be enough beans for Sunday lunch. I'm so pleased I decided to grow more this year than last year. The runners got a bit wind swept and are now picking up with lots of beans. Hopefully I can eat some soon.

The cucumbers are doing really well by the back door and I have three that are big but have to wait a bit longer, have to be a bit patient. Same for the tomatoes, there are loads of them but none ready to pick as they are all green still, shame. I'm pleased I grew them myself this year as they were so easy and far more rewarding. But I think I will stick to the tumbling toms for next year as they don't get so wind swept like the gardeners delight. The sweetcorn that I decided to put in as an afterthought is also doing really well, I’m quite surprised. There are one to two cobs on each plant, so that should be plenty for us!

The celeriac, that Anne gave me, is doing really well. Thanks Anne. I just read up on them and I can't enjoy them for a couple more months yet, about October. I will grow them next year, as they seem to be trouble free so long as you water them daily.

I planted some Turnip seeds (Arcoat) a few days ago in a tub on the patio and they have already germinated. I hope they do ok as they look nice on the picture on the packet. The carrots I planted a month ago have also gone crazy; I think I need to thin them out a little bit. I also planted them in the vegetable garden as I had a little space or rather I made some space!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda

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