Monday, 13 February 2017

Traditional granny square blanket

Anyone that knows me, know I am just crazy about granny squares. I think I even dream about them! You can't beat a humble granny square blanket in my opinion. Since learning to crochet them straight, that's all I''ve been doing!

just 8 more rows then its border time!

The neat trick is to flip over after each row, simple! Oh and start in the right hand corner. I found this great tutorial over at ThePatchworkheart blog, Heather is very helpful and has always been an inspiration to me.

My latest creation is an up-to-date on trend baby blanket with a vintage feel to it. Its crochet in beautiful Debbie Bliss Rialto DK that's so soft and warm. I've chosen soft grey, oyster, rose, duck egg green, vintage pink, pink and petunia. There is one other pink in there, but because its been discontinued I can't find the colour. I told my nieces about this colour scheme and they told me its so fashionable now, funny how you just pick up some colours and you're on trend, I like that.

this is how it started in early January 2017

This one is destined for another niece, a great niece on my husbands side of the family. We don't actually know the sex of the baby yet, neither does my niece, but I'm going with a girl and will start a boy version next week just in case. Any excuse to crochet. Enjoy the rest of your weekend whatever you are doing and wherever you are in the world. Amanda


mamasmercantile said...

I love the beautiful colours you have chosen, stunning. You cannot beat a granny square.

Amy at love made my home said...

Beautiful work as always!

Angel Jem said...

I love the blankets. I have a baby blanket to make, but I keep sitting and thinking how on earth do I start, and when do I begin! I'm guessing the answer is with the first chaina nd go on from there.

On a different note, on my hygge blog I'm doing a series on hyggely blogs (that's blogs that make me feel hyggely, not specifically about hygge) and yours is one of my favourites. Would you be prepared to answer just a couple of questions, give me permission to use a couple of photos and, of course, have loads of links to your blog from mine? It would be lovely if you'd take part. Please let me know via email.