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I'm enjoying my week off pottering around the garden, walking Moss and doing some sewing. Here is a picture of my first finished patchwork cushion, very Cath Kidston! It was taken in my dining room and having a south facing garden the sunlight was streaming in this evening. After un-picking the zip twice I decided to make ties instead, less tricky! I have a hexi patchwork side on the go for another cushion but doubt if that will be finished this week.

I repotted the tomato seedlings yesterday and have far too many so I've told my neighbour Tara she can have some for her new veg patch at the front of her house. I'll now have another gardening buddy to chat to!

Just need to sew my red,white + blue bunting together this evening ready for Friday and make some cakes for the big event. We will catch it on TV but lots of roads in our area are having street parties.

Oh and here is what will be eating for dinner tonight with fresh tuna steaks and new potatoes. At least one thing ca…

Happy Easter

We are enjoying the mini heatwave here in Kent and it gives me the chance to potter around the garden. It means lots of watering to make sure the seedlings don't wilt in this heat. Lots more to do, transplant the tomato plants to new pots this evening and sew some French Beans.

This morning I made fresh Scotch Eggs after my sister told me last night how easy they are to make. A little fiddly but after the fourth one I think I got the hang of it. My bread crumbs could have been a bit finer but it was the first attempt so I'll remember that for the next batch!

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend. Amanda x
I'm not sure why but I fancied baking tonight! After dinner I made a few batches of cheese scones. First I made small ones, Jack my official taster said they tasted great so I made Ian some larger (normal size) ones. Not sure if they will last till the morning!

Just a few photos taken in my garden this afternoon. I managed to spend a couple of hours digging out the compost bin, sowing peas + mangetout and sowing some raddish seeds. Lots more to do tomorrow!

I'm mean't to be doing housework!

 I have a plant in my garden that I keep trying to get rid of yet it keeps coming back! My sister gave it to me when I needed to fill some gaps and it self sows everywhere. I saw it on Sarah Raven's web site and realised you could use it as a cut flower, so I'll be keeping this one. If you would like free seeds then just let me know because it normally drops loads! It looks nice in an old Denby coffee jug I picked up at an indoor sale last year. Right back to housework. Have a great weekend. Amanda x

a quick end of week update

Not sure if I told you about a great little window sill propogater I bought in Wilkinsons the other week. It's large enough to fit 5 little compartments (comes with these) and it works better than my heated one. And the best thing is that it only costs £3! I did some tomato seeds in it last Sunday, checked tonight and one has germinated so the others must be almost ready to pop up. I've kept it in my dining room as its south facing, most of my seeds are started off in there. Saying that the ones I did almost 2 weeks ago outside in my 2 tier plastic cold frame are doing very well in this warm weather and the sweet peas have germinated. Monty Don said a couple of weeks ago that Spring sown ones are all he does. I feel another sow seed Saturday is on the cards for tomorrow.

button necklace

I've wanted to make one of these necklaces for ages. I found a kit at Bunyip Beads and Buttons earlier this week and it arrived today. It comes with more than enough buttons, string and full instructions. Its fiddly but great fun and took under and hour to make. I added a couple of buttons out of my jar! I really like it and I think I'll make another one but longer.

Happy Mothers Day .............

Well no rest for me, up early to organise the village market. The rain held off and lots of people came out to buy some cut flowers, cup cakes, local fudge and home made goodies that were on sale. The hall car park was full of lovely stalls and the inside was too. It was so nice to see so many people come out on mothers day.

I spent most of Saturday doing housework and washing and missed all the sunshine! I was given my mothers day present a day early in the evening. A big box of Thorntons chocs (my favourite) Toast DVD and some lovely flowers including Stocks that smell wonderful. Oh and a lovely card that said from all of us (dogs included).

So Happy Mothers day to my mum Hilary and Ian's mum Annette and of course me!