Saturday, 9 April 2011

willow grow bag holders in place

fresh home made compost dug in

rhubarb fool tonight!

Just a few photos taken in my garden this afternoon. I managed to spend a couple of hours digging out the compost bin, sowing peas + mangetout and sowing some raddish seeds. Lots more to do tomorrow!


Jo said...

It looks great. Those willow grow bag holders are lovely, beats looking at plastic all summer.

eight by six said...

and they were cheap, 1/2 price in Homebase then 15% off. I love a good bargain! I emptied the compost bin today and I lots of seeds, I'm gonna pay for that tomorrow!

Julia said...

That rhubarb looks lovely! I have this on my wish list of plants to grow.

eight by six said...

Julia, I bought mine as a crown and this is its third year. Well worth growing and needs little attention, perfect.