Sunday, 18 May 2008

Raindrops and wishes

Well I was thankful for the couple of days of rain we had, so I didn't have to do so much watering! Mind you it's keeping me fit filling up the watering can so many times. Must get a water but this year and tap it into the down pipe at the back of the house.

I managed to eat some fresh spinach this weekend in a salad and some radishes! They grew in about four weeks and I just couldn't wait any longer! Have sown some more around the garden and also a few weeks ago another variety with my pots and they are growing quickly.

Get well soon to Ann and hope you make a speedy recovery and get back on your feet soon to enjoy your lovely garden. Get well soon to my grandmother Eve who is rather poorly in hospital in London. I hope that my trips to see her this week helped a little. If it hadn't been for my sister I don't think I would have been so strong, thanks Dan. And of course good luck to Jack (my son) for his GCSEs this week, dreaded Maths on Monday morning. I've promised him a new mobile phone if he passes all of them, lets hope that gives him some inspiration!

The Purple Sensation bulbs that I planted last year have come up and flowered this year, I was so pleased. And whilst at the garden centre in Gravesend today they had them on special offer, so I bought two pots with lots of bulbs and planted them this evening next to my other ones. They were the emblem for Chelsea Flower Show for a few years and I'm off there this Friday for my annual trip, and it's also my birthday, I'm really exited. I missed it on TV tonight at 5:30pm because I was too busy in my garden but hope to catch it on Tuesday night. It's funny watching it on TV then going there a few days later.

Anyway must close as it's quite late, I'll write more soon.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Garden Festival

I am off to the Garden Festival held at Cozenton Nursery in Rainham on Saturday 10th May. This is where Medway Council’s nursery are based, Cozenton Park, Rainham. Every year they produce 175,000 high quality bedding and decorative plants are produced for the council and demonstration gardens. And each year they hold the garden festival over two weekends in May. I have been going for the past five years or so and I am going tomorrow with my mum and sister. We get some very good bargains and then all go home to do our planting!

I decided to plant some sweetcorn last weekend. Whilst visiting another garden centre they had some at seedling stage for around £2 for 20 plants so I couldn't resist! They are all planted and seem to be doing ok. The French beans are outside now and planted up. They grow so quickly that they are already going up the cane supports.

Anyway have a good weekend and enjoy the warm weather we are having.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

I spent the afternoon digging in some more compost, I had to buy some as I didn't have enough from my composter. The soil is much better this weekend after all the rain and I managed to put in some Broccoli and the shallots that I forgot I bought a few weeks ago. It's a good job I looked up how to plant them as I would have planted them too close together.

These are the vegetables that I will be growing in my first year. I didn’t realise how many things I would be growing until I typed this list! I was going to try sweetcorn, but due to lack of space I will have to give this a miss. I have cheated and bought the leeks as small seedlings and the broccoli, but everything else has been grown from seed. I have to say the tomatoes were easier than I thought and the beans grow so quickly! I am trying a new courgette as it has less leaves, saving a bit of space I hope. I have only chosen things that we eat as a family. No doubt we will have too many beans, but they can be given to friends if I end up with too many. Some of these vegetables are growing in tubs on the patio and the tumbling toms will be in hanging baskets by the back door. We do like lots of other vegetables, but I don't have enough room for everything we eat.

Second early potatoes: Maris Peer
Climbing French beans: Sultana
Dwarf French beans: Safari & Tendercrop
Radishes: French Breakfast & Scarlet Globe
Spinach: Tarpy F1
Leaks: Musselburgh
Courgette: Tristan F1 Hybrid (new this year)
Salad Onions: White Lisbon
Onion sets: Red Baron & Shallots: Red Sun
Tomatoes: Gardener’s Delight, Gartenperle and Tumbling Tom Red
Cucumber: Long Green Ridge
Wild Rocket & Chives
Various salad leaves

Friday, 2 May 2008


With all this rain over the past few days everything is doing well in the garden. I took a photo of the French Breakfast radishes this morning and they are looking ok. I didn't make it to the pub last night, so apologies for my absence to all the others. From reading various emails today; it seems that most of us were ill. Get well soon to Lynda, Nicola & Paula and sorry to Ann and Janet that I couldn’t make it.

I am looking forward to the long weekend and more pottering about in the garden. The weather forecast is good so I intend to make the most of it. It's a little too early to start planting all the beans etc so they will have to stay in my little greenhouse and my dining room for a little while longer. The peas I planted a week ago in my recycled toilet rolls are doing well, with signs of a good root system at the bottom. Thanks Danielle for the tip, I will use this in future as it will save a fortune on plastic pots and will keep the roots undisturbed for planting. And wrapping some damp newspaper at the bottom helped to keep all the compost in!
Ian said that my little vegetable paperback book arrived in the post this morning. So I now have a little reference book to show me what I should be doing each month! I’ll have a read up this evening.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and Happy Gardening.