Friday, 9 May 2008

Garden Festival

I am off to the Garden Festival held at Cozenton Nursery in Rainham on Saturday 10th May. This is where Medway Council’s nursery are based, Cozenton Park, Rainham. Every year they produce 175,000 high quality bedding and decorative plants are produced for the council and demonstration gardens. And each year they hold the garden festival over two weekends in May. I have been going for the past five years or so and I am going tomorrow with my mum and sister. We get some very good bargains and then all go home to do our planting!

I decided to plant some sweetcorn last weekend. Whilst visiting another garden centre they had some at seedling stage for around £2 for 20 plants so I couldn't resist! They are all planted and seem to be doing ok. The French beans are outside now and planted up. They grow so quickly that they are already going up the cane supports.

Anyway have a good weekend and enjoy the warm weather we are having.

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