Sunday, 18 May 2008

Raindrops and wishes

Well I was thankful for the couple of days of rain we had, so I didn't have to do so much watering! Mind you it's keeping me fit filling up the watering can so many times. Must get a water but this year and tap it into the down pipe at the back of the house.

I managed to eat some fresh spinach this weekend in a salad and some radishes! They grew in about four weeks and I just couldn't wait any longer! Have sown some more around the garden and also a few weeks ago another variety with my pots and they are growing quickly.

Get well soon to Ann and hope you make a speedy recovery and get back on your feet soon to enjoy your lovely garden. Get well soon to my grandmother Eve who is rather poorly in hospital in London. I hope that my trips to see her this week helped a little. If it hadn't been for my sister I don't think I would have been so strong, thanks Dan. And of course good luck to Jack (my son) for his GCSEs this week, dreaded Maths on Monday morning. I've promised him a new mobile phone if he passes all of them, lets hope that gives him some inspiration!

The Purple Sensation bulbs that I planted last year have come up and flowered this year, I was so pleased. And whilst at the garden centre in Gravesend today they had them on special offer, so I bought two pots with lots of bulbs and planted them this evening next to my other ones. They were the emblem for Chelsea Flower Show for a few years and I'm off there this Friday for my annual trip, and it's also my birthday, I'm really exited. I missed it on TV tonight at 5:30pm because I was too busy in my garden but hope to catch it on Tuesday night. It's funny watching it on TV then going there a few days later.

Anyway must close as it's quite late, I'll write more soon.

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