Saturday, 3 May 2008

I spent the afternoon digging in some more compost, I had to buy some as I didn't have enough from my composter. The soil is much better this weekend after all the rain and I managed to put in some Broccoli and the shallots that I forgot I bought a few weeks ago. It's a good job I looked up how to plant them as I would have planted them too close together.

These are the vegetables that I will be growing in my first year. I didn’t realise how many things I would be growing until I typed this list! I was going to try sweetcorn, but due to lack of space I will have to give this a miss. I have cheated and bought the leeks as small seedlings and the broccoli, but everything else has been grown from seed. I have to say the tomatoes were easier than I thought and the beans grow so quickly! I am trying a new courgette as it has less leaves, saving a bit of space I hope. I have only chosen things that we eat as a family. No doubt we will have too many beans, but they can be given to friends if I end up with too many. Some of these vegetables are growing in tubs on the patio and the tumbling toms will be in hanging baskets by the back door. We do like lots of other vegetables, but I don't have enough room for everything we eat.

Second early potatoes: Maris Peer
Climbing French beans: Sultana
Dwarf French beans: Safari & Tendercrop
Radishes: French Breakfast & Scarlet Globe
Spinach: Tarpy F1
Leaks: Musselburgh
Courgette: Tristan F1 Hybrid (new this year)
Salad Onions: White Lisbon
Onion sets: Red Baron & Shallots: Red Sun
Tomatoes: Gardener’s Delight, Gartenperle and Tumbling Tom Red
Cucumber: Long Green Ridge
Wild Rocket & Chives
Various salad leaves

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