Thursday, 26 April 2018

upclying and granny blanket pile

Over the weekend our son decided he no longer wanted his pine furniture in his bedroom, we bought it in 2003 when we moved to our current house. I remember it being delivered along with the removal men turning up, after we thought we'd lost them and the entire contents of our previous home!

I needed another pine cabinet to put my t-shirts and jumpers in so was happy to have it moved into our bedroom. You don't get a lot of storage space with new builds these days (ours is 17 years old this year)

A bonus came in the shape of his tripod table lamp complete with grey lamp shade. I've had my eye on this since he bought it in TK Max a few years ago. You've got to love a bit of up-cycling. Maybe some new handles would look better, I feel a trip to TX Max!

new home for my granny blankets

So my granny blankets now have a new home, and I wake up to this view every morning. Not a bad view and maybe room for one more!


mamasmercantile said...

The pile of blankets was a feast for the eyes, such a wonderful view to wake up to each morning.

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

thank you x