Wednesday, 18 October 2017

crochet granny square tee (top) revisited

Well since you last heard from me I've been mega busy finishing (and starting new projects) managed to have another quick break in Norfolk and yes, you guessed it made another granny tee! I think its fair to say that I am now addicted to this pattern!! I just love it, the best bit is turning the circle into a square and depending on which yarn you use, the stitch definition is wonderful.

So here is the denim blue version I made for my weekend in Norfolk but I didn't get round to wearing it as we had lovely weather.

This version uses three 142g balls of Lion Brand Heartland but you won't use all of the third. Why not experiment with other yarn like I did, it's great fun. Go raid your yarn stash!

my second granny tee in Lion Brand Heartland Glacier Bay

And I've started two more both in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran- I have six balls in the rusty rose colour so this will be a kids version for my Etsy shop. The purple version I bought 9 x50g balls of the same yarn but this should make a size 12-14 ladies. I'm only on row 8 and just over 25g used. I think it will need 4 x 50g per side. I'll update you as I go along so you know how much you'll need if you want to use the same yarn. Now this yarn is normally £4.95 per 50g but if you are lucky like me I got mine on eBay for an absolute bargain, and we do love a bargain!

this time in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

I will have some exiting news to share with you next week about this pattern release by Sarah at and my versions. Watch this space :-)


mamasmercantile said...

I love it, what a wonderful top. I can see why you would have some more of the same on the hook, a great pattern.

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

It's a beautiful colour in the Lion Brand and so soft too

Susanne Tyree said...

Absolutely love that top! The blue is fantastic. Seeing this really excites me. I can understand your excitement over the pattern and wanting to make more. I made a couple of afghans with that same technique of changing a circle into a square. Come by and check it out if you get a chance. Thank you for sharing.

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

I'll definitely have a look Susanne
The granny tee pattern is now live tonight!

mrsnesbitt said...

From as way back as I remember starting to read your blog I have been saying I must learn how to knit/crochet and guess what? I still haven't lol!

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

Oh you really must, just think how warm you would be 😂