Monday, 1 August 2016

where did July go?

Wow its already August, where did July go? What a busy month with lots of good things, sunshine, gardening, crochet and knitting. I have managed to do a little gardening and I have 5 courgette plants bursting with new flowers and fruits with two green courgettes ready to pick tonight when I get home. I have to remember to pick them otherwise a marrow will be in its place tomorrow! Some cues are coming along nicely, with the amount of water I'm giving them the rest of the summer I won't have to buy from the supermarket (I have ten plants I think!) Ok maybe too many but as I'd killed off most of my veggies before I'd even planted them I was kind of lost for variety and ended up with just cues and courgettes! I have time to sow some dwarf beans (again) so I plan to do that one evening this week, directly sowing I think to save time and I need to buy a cloche to keep the dog off them. Oh and the rhubarb plant is pumping out again, so more jam or maybe a nice pudding this week with fresh cream or creme fraiche.

summer squash (round)

home grown calendula


my garden where I sit to crochet
project holiday blanket

This weekend was really busy, well Saturday was anyway. There I was attending my neighbours salon opening in the sunshine, glass of proscetto in one hand answering the phone to my frantic mum in the other who'd called the paramedics out. I can just picture her now, red faced and pacing the house looking at her watch. And off I drove to Margate (again) with hubby as co-driver! After only being discharged on Wednesday it was some what of a shock to me and my siblings who all managed to get there despite all being in three different places dotted around Kent.

the fields surrounding my house

Funny how things happen isnt it? You don't visit a place for years then all of a sudden you are catapulted back there for 4 days! Not in my overall plans to spend Saturday nights date night with my hubby in A&E for over 7 hours but my nephews, Joshua and Jakob kept me busy. In the restaurant we downloaded the Pokemon Go app (yes I know I said I wouldn't join the Pokemon team!) and off we went in search of Pokemon in the hospital grounds. It certainly took my mind off the worries of monitors, drips and morphine! He's on the mend now and should be allowed home on Tuesday this week. Big lesson eat little and often, that's all I need to say on this subject (for now) I've seen my fair share of hospitals over the past few years and they are not a place for the healthy.

So lots of colorful projects still in progress to take my mind off hospital visits. I lost momentum and my mojo briefly but now back on track. Plan A : finish granny shrug, granny square blanket border and holiday blanket border BEFORE starting any news projects. Well that's the plan, lets see if I can stick to it! I hope you are enjoying some summer shineshine, the outdoors and of course crochet or knitting projects. Don't forget you can follow my progress daily over on Instagram

project granny shrug

project granny square blanket in duck egg

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mamasmercantile said...

Oh my goodness, hope all is well now, a trip to A & E doesn't sound good. Lots of lovely projects on the go and some great produce.