Tuesday, 9 August 2016

60 million trebles

For those of you that read my blog and follow me on Instagram will know that I am totally obsessed with granny squares! I post pictures of them quite often and I've got a box of them, I love to look at them! It also drives my husband Ian crazy with wool all over the house in the car and also stashed in a cardboard box under my desk at work! So when one of my lovely followers, Bridget over at Malbridgehouse contacted me to tell me about an exiting new project, I was itching to learn more. At first I wasn't sure that this was a project for me, but after watching the recent program on the BBC that followed the plight of the Syrian refugees I decided to give it my attention. I couldn't image having to leave my home, my country in search of a safe place, could you? 

my first 36" square in progress

So here are some of the facts and why the project was started by a group in the UK.

The UN at the end of 2015 estimated that there are 60 Million refugees Worldwide.

The objective is that in the summer of 2017 we create a world record for the largest crochet blanket. It must contain 60 million trebles.  This blanket will then be a yarn bomb in London. After the event the squares will be taken apart and half of the blankets will go to UK charities and the rest to Hand in Hand For Syria

The squares you make must be 36 inch square, any pattern any yarn weight but they must come to that size. With no fancy borders because they need to be joined together. Are you sitting comfortably? to beat the world record and to do 60 million trebles, that's an incredible 8,050 36 inch squares. Go raid your yarn stash!

So your job is to spread the word an talk to knit and natter groups, Womens Institutes, every crochet and knitting group that you know in and around your area. 

I freelance for the Kent Messenger, my local village magazine and I'm in touch with various groups - so I plan to use social media for a good cause and tweet a lot! For every one person that reads this and decides to join in, others will follow. So if you can spare just a few minutes to pass this on, we will be one step closer to the target of 8,050 36 inch squares. And if you decide to join in, even better.

The admin team are going to need people to stitch them together, an artist to make posters, someone to talk to the press when we are near the time, we are going to need beds in London and loads of people on the day itself. This is an enormous project. Lets show our Government that we do care, lets give hope to 60 Million.

Full contact details : sixtymilliontrebles@hotmail.com or FaceBook  and Blogger 

And the team will be featured in the September issue of Simply Crochet magazine, how exiting is that?


Bridget said...

Brilliant post Amanda. I said a bit about it on my post today but I'm nowhere near as elequent as you. Thanks for spreading the word x

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

Thanks again Bridget, just pleased to be a small help x

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

It sounds very interesting, I shall certainly do as you ask x

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

Thank you that's great xx