Thursday, 18 August 2016

Craft room (clean up)

What do you do on a warm summers evening? Clean out your craft room of course. Being part of the original garage to our house (at the back of our kitchen) its one of the coolest rooms in the house, and doesn't it look tidy?! We, I say we, mainly my husband and son - made the back of the garage into a craft room about four years ago. I've not used it much recently and it was such a muddle, but now I've actually sat in there this week so crochet and put some things together watching catch up tv on my Kindle. I just need to make a granny square cushion and I'll be comfy in my den.

craft room clean up
After a lot of selling off on one of local selling sites of stuff I'm not likely to use and yarn de-stashing my loft ready for the sixtymilliontrebles project, I had a very productive weekend. I now have spare yarn to give out to anyone who wants to join in.

Tuesday night I felt a little ill after being bitten three times on Monday night by some sort of mosquito. So I got to product test my new granny blanket a little earlier than expected. So cosy and the perfect size to snuggle under on the sofa.

product testing on Tuesday night


mamasmercantile said...

My craft room could do with a sort out, there is always tomorrow.

Bridget said...

Bleugh mosquitoes! We've all been bitten somewhere. One of my son's had one on his ankle and it really swelled up. They are a menace. One of God's creatures we could do without!
Craft room looks lovely. I have a "knitting corner"lol x

Bridget said...
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mrsnesbitt said...

Autumnal today - a good time to tidy up!