Tuesday, 19 July 2016

We are having a mini heatwave

For those of you outside the UK having warm weather in the UK is something of a rarity, rain on the other hand we do very well. So this week we are having a mini heatwave and its great if you don't have to work, commute or doing anything that makes you move and get too hot!

too hot for blankets, lets just look at them

I was trying to finish my granny square blanket (shown in the Rocky Road picture), the border is well under way but hey who want's to sit under a hot blanket in this heat? So I guess its going to have to wait another week or so. In the meantime I can still make blankets as squares are so much more portable and I don't need to join them right now. I spent a lot of my weekend in the garden as the weather was so lovely, and we have plans to make some more changes to the area in front of the pond. I like the idea of a chill out area, and those rattan sofas are calling me. I can see myself with a cold drink or cup of tea crocheting to the sound of moving water. But this involves moving a rather large kennel so its early planning stages for now.

my garden

I'm also helping with the yarnbombmoth project and my squares are looking lovely (if I may say so myself) I haven't made granny squares from Stylecraft Special DK in a long time, so this is a great opportunity to get back to using it. I have so much in my stash I was more than happy to help out. I plan to send them off in the next couple of days and I'll post a picture or two before I do.

crochet in the garden

The good thing about my other hobby if that's the correct title, is my love of swimming. I plan to get to the pool every night this week. I started off well last night, managing 40 lengths and rewarding myself with a ten minute sauna followed by a cold shower. So today will be more bearable knowing I can get into the car, full air con and drive to a cool pool, literally. Oh ant the Rocky Road was perfect for the fridge, and its all gone!

Rocky Road


mamasmercantile said...

I am really enjoying the mini heatwave but it does mean that not a lot is getting done around here.

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

I wish I could but I'm stuck in my office. But I have been swimming, 3 nights this week!