Thursday, 29 October 2015

its time to start of new granny blanket

It's that time of year where the evenings have a chill in the air and the leaves are steadily falling from the trees. I've been watching my neighbours trees in their front gardens, such a pretty sight but also tinged with oh no winters on its way! I'm all ready, new woollen coat from M&S and a beautiful pair of hand knitted gloves from eBay this week in denim yarn, so lovely to own something that someone else has made, I can appreciate that being a fellow knitter even though I won them for the huge asking price of 99p. I feel a bit guilty really but that's the way these things go, you take a change listing something too cheapo and no one else bothers to bid.

But my real passion is crochet, I got hooked so to speak a while back and inspiration came from Lucy at Attic 24 and more recently from Heather at the Patchwork Heart amongst others I now follow on Instagram on a daily basis. Oh yes that's the reason for less content on my Blog, Instagram has taken over my life, I love it. It feeds my passion for colour and crochet and the odd knitting snippet. I post regularly and now have almost 500 followers, how did that happen?

Ok so back to my latest long line of projects, this list was shortened recently by finishing some WIPs and to fill the void I needed a longer project to pick up and crochet the odd row here and there although I have this strange feeling it may be more frequent. I do love sitting under a blanket in progress whilst it grows and covers your knees then you know you are making progress and keeping snug and warm at the same time. You really just can't beat making a blanket. My husband said to me last night, another blanket, but we really don't need another one do we? Yes of course we do I said, its going to be a cold winter, we always need another blanket smiling to myself!

So now starts another blanket journey using Stylecraft Special DK limited edition packs which I've now heard isn't so limited, but hey that's another story. So I plan to follow Lucy's pattern for the cosy stripe blanket, just 12 months behind the rest of you. 15 colours with 5 pattern (stripe) repeats is the plan. So 10 new colours and just need to choose the other 5 from the huge stash under my bed.

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