Monday, 31 August 2015

Ta dah moment

Not one but two granny blankets finished in August and I'm almost up to date with wips, just two scarfs and one granny scrap blanket and one summer jumper to finish. I think I'll leave the summer jumper for now as its pouring with rain and I'm far too focused on my new granny square blanket. And I bought myself four new crochet books to get more inspiration.

a new granny blanket

My nieces (Megan) uni blanket is finished and boxed ready to gift later in September (photos later) and I finished my large granny square blanket on Saturday night which I am really happy with. I have a large tub full of left over yarn and I've now started another blanket. I've worked out its better to sew in the ends as you go along which saves heaps of time at the end. This one shouldn't take very long to make. I've already made 30 squares, well with two rounds out of 4 but I'm working in batches this time. Not only is it quicker but I can work out which colours to use in advance to make the most of the yarn I have left. It was so time consuming with the first one changing colours all the time but the result was good and random which is what I was looking for. And it looked vintage which I wanted. It has so many colours from the Debbie Bliss Rialto range, some bought a few years ago and are now discontinued. Sorry to post so many photos, I'm kind of obsessed!

I've wanted to make one for years, ever since I saw one for sale in a craft shop in Rochester high street. I had to learn first and I've been learning new things ever since I taught myself to crochet. It's a lovely portable project, therapeutic and you get a lovely warm snugly blanket at the end. What's not to like? Anyway I have a weeks holiday next week just pottering about at home, lots of crochet time and gardening to do.

sewing in the ends
join as you go method leaves lovely hinges in your blanket when folded
ta dah my finished blanket

my first and most recent finished blankets

a new blanket in progress


Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Both blankets are gorgeous, what a sense of accomplishment you must have xx

Jo said...

Fabulous, I love it. Random granny square blankets remind me of crochet blankets from yesteryear.

mamasmercantile said...

They are both beautiful, you are certainly on a roll, your crochet hook is on fire! Love the colours of the granny square blanket, great combinations.

Angel Jem said...

Is there anything more snugglingly happy than a crochet blanket? Just add hot chocolate, a few candles and enjoy.

Mitzi said...

Both are really pretty and it's such a sense of achievement when you finish such a big project and they turn out as you planned. Sometimes I look at the squares as I make them and wonder whether I have got the colours right. It's not until you join them all together and see the finished article that realise how great they do look when they are finished.