Friday, 21 August 2015

a quick catch up

I'm still here, been a busy July and August so far. Here are some snaps of what I've been up to lately. Blanket making, gardening, birthday celebrations and a much needed garden make-over, Koi pond is currently being updated with new wood and is looking great

Oh and welcome to my new readers :-)

Megan's uni blanket almost complete

courgettes growing on the veg patch
Birthday lunch at the Dirty Habit Hollingbourne
a much needed garden make over - koi pond work in progress
Climbing French beans

dwarf French beans have been Moss proofed!

the V stitch border going in

a scrappy blanket, blanket 3 on my WIP list


mamasmercantile said...

Wonderful blankets, love the edging on the 2nd one. I have just harvested all the dwarf green beans, we are about to have some with our meal.

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

It's so lovely to pick fresh green beans to have with dinner, they taste wonderful don't they?

Angel Jem said...

Blankets are going well in your house! But I really love and envy your garden makeover; I love the roof thingy you've put up; high on my list for next year, I think!

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Hi just found you whilst blog hopping :) Loving all your blankets, I have several on the go too, really must finish the one that's a baby present, maybe even before baby arrives, I've yet to manage that feat!

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

Thanks it's looking great and the wood on the pond is now finished

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

Glad you popped by

Amy at love made my home said...

Such beautiful crochet!!! xx

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

Thank you Amy x