Sunday, 14 June 2015

weekend pottering in the garden

Sowing seeds

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon pottering in the garden and veg patch. I worked really hard putting in rows of sweetcorn and dwarf beans. A bit annoyed that my Spaniel has run through it and damaged a few. That will teach me to remove the canes that seemed to be doing a good job, so back in they go!

Solar powered Mason jar

Today I managed to spend some time sowing more seeds, dwarf beans (again) some more climbing beans (Sultana) for another wig wam, Swiss Chard Bright Lights because the first lot didn't germinate in the ground and some herbs. I popped to Homebase and bought a Mason solar powered jar with LED lights, I saw it on another blog last night.  I bought the £9 large jar, really pretty. Whilst I was there I saw they had reduced all their tomato plants, so I bought three at £1 each. I now have five or six varieties (Sun Gold, Money Maker, Roma, Alisa Craig and Shirly F1), three in the grow bag frames on the patio that are doing really well, and three in the veg patch next to some pepper or chilli plants a friend donated. As they didn't have tags it will be a guessing game as to the variety, makes it more fun. I also found a 30m hose reduced to £20 with the frame wheel it around the garden, bargain and ours sprung a leak last night, great timing. I hope you had a good weekend getting some gardening jobs done.

sweetcorn and dwarf beans in rows, climbing French beans

In the evenings I've managed to catch up some granny stripe rows, almost 50 rows now so on its way to being finished, in time! Just the dreaded sewing in the ends but I think I will do that in one weekend before I chose the border. I'm a bit behind but still hope to have it finished fairly quickly so that I can start on another one.

Megan's uni blanket in progress

Mason jar lit

cold cider after working in the garden on Saturday



Pam said...

I remember my Dad spending most of a Saturday putting canes and twine in for beans and peas. Just after he stood back to admire it his Springer spotted something interesting on the far side of the garden and ploughed through the lot. Your garden looks full of promise and the Mason Jar is a good idea, I put tea lights out in jars, but they are a faff to light.

mamasmercantile said...

Love the LED light in the mason jar, very pretty and such a great idea. Your garden is looking wonderful.

Marlene jones said...

I have an old led in a glass pot, got it from Wilkos would love more, will have to check your system out.

Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six said...

Marlene - I've added a photo of the jar lit, it looks lovely

Mitzi said...

Lots happening in your garden and I do like the jar what a clever idea. That is the worst bit sewing in all the ends. I try and sew the ends into my granny squares as I go a long now rather than having to sit and do them all at the end. Bit more of a challenge though when it's a stripy blanket. Still it looks very nice.

SaraJ said...

I love the look of the mason jar. Very pretty on a summers evening. x