Sunday, 31 May 2015

Instant gardening in a grow bag

I know I owe you a Chelsea part II, and I will write it next week, but this is part of it and I wanted to highlight this first as I've been doing a spot of gardening (in the rain) today myself.

In my garden we have a garage wall that belongs to our neighbours. I've bought something at Chelsea Flower Show to use against this wall. We have a south west facing garden so the sun hits this wall in the morning then comes round during the day, flooding the patio with heat, which the wall and the house wall soaks up.

I've been thinking about buying a green house for ages and ages but 1. they are expensive 2. hard to put up and 3. not sure I have that much space for one. I was looking at the flower show for something to allow me to grow against this wall that was quirky, functional and cheap! I love gardening but I hate being ripped off with over-expensive items. Well.... I found the best find ever ..... let me introduce you to the British designed, British made Grow Bag Frame. Isn't it cute? I love the simple design that allows you to use a small space to grow veg in a grow bag. The frame is very clever and locks the bag into the frame on its narrow edge with strong vertical plant supports. Its made in the UK from 100% recycled galvanised steel, so I'm also doing my bit for the environment too. Its easy to assemble with the help of a helpful husband (cue Ian) and you can store it flat at the end of the growing season in your shed or garage. Even better still, using the grow bag on its side allows you to add more soil, your own compost, which should make your veggies grow even better. You can move it effectively but picking it up by the frame sides. I've found a good place to put the plant names, insert into the plant support pocket at the top! I added canes because I wanted to encourage the cucumber plants to grow a bit higher.

I you want to buy one or two you can here. I'm not paid to endorse products, I just like to give my honest opinion of a good product when I can. I'm going to order another two, because I like them and they are so handy. I've sown climbing beans to use for one of them.

Back to my garden ... today in the village I live in we had a house-hold sale from peoples houses/front gardens and the village hall. We have a Facebook page and someone advertised hanging baskets, they were in an unusual basket so I was intrigued, I bought one, came home and ordered another. Chris who is a talented gardener made one for me exactly the same and it was ready really quickly. Great service and a lovely selection of plants. I especially like the basket, it has and iron handle, I've never seen them before. So now I have two hung on my bird hangers which are just perect.

The front garden is doing really well, and the Ladies Mantle is about to flower. I like the way it softens the edges of the grey driveway. Most of the plants were seedlings from the back garden or bought in Morrisons, Aldi and the two bigger evergreens were 60p from Homebase about 5 years ago! The little bay tree was a bargain in Aldi last summer, and its having a growth spurt! This year they have twisted Bay but I've yet to find one. Gardening doesn't need cost the earth, its far better to find a bargain and watch it grow than pay ££ for a big plant. My sister always gives me cuttings and this year she gave me two tomato and cucumber plants because I hadn't got round to growing any. So its going to be a free salad later this summer. Enjoy your garden next week, I've heard the sun is going to make an appearance :-)


Marlene jones said...

I have a couple of lean too greenhouses with plastic inserts instead of glass. Attached to your wall, they make great growing space and really a good price. Love your gardens and your outlook, gardening can be expensive but there are ways to save money.

mamasmercantile said...

I also have a plastic greenhouse that I put away during the winter months but it is great for starting things off. The growbag frames are a great idea.

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad that you have found a solution for growing against the wall. I hope that your plants do well for you - and the frames do well too! xx

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

I like the sound of the growing frames. It sounds like you live in a great community. I try not to spend too much on the garden I'm always happy to find a bargain x