Monday, 18 May 2015

Bye bye blue, hello sassy red

A few weeks ago I did something maybe classed as a mid-life crisis! I went to test drive one car and bought a different one, a sassy red one. I don't buy cars that often, who does? I'd like to say I spent ages on my decision but the truth is I really only made my mind up to the night before prompted by yet another male driver flashing me whilst I was overtaking a slow lorry on a busy B road, when I was in actual fact doing just a tad over the speed limited. Fed up with agressive drivers making KA drivers life a misery I longed to be above the other drivers, in a high up driving position in a little fun crossover. I've driven the same style car for 13 years, it was time for a change, a grown up car with a quirky side to it. Well last week I did just that, I bought a Nissan Duke in Magnetic Red. I've had one fun week driving her, I've named her Daisy Duke! Monday morning last week driving to work was the best Monday morning drive ever, I couldn't stop grinning. So a week later I can reverse and the car is a lot easier to drive (and much more fun) that I could have imagined. Here she is parked at my in-laws last week when I collected her.

Daisy Duke

So what else have I been doing? Some gardening, sowing dwarf bean seeds (which germinated this weekend) Megan's crochet blanket is getting bigger and about another 14 rows to go (which is good news so that I can finish mine) Looking forward to RHS Chelsea Flower Show this Friday, it runs from 19 – 23 May. Normally I would be at the Press Day today but I wanted to share it with Ian this year, we have more fun going along together with a pic-nic, listing to the band, Ian talking to the Chelsea Pensioners whilst we wait to go in at 3pm, and some sight seeing in the morning. The last two visits have been fun on one hand but lonely on the other. You want to say oh did you see that ... but can't. And to be honest you see so many celebs its hard not to trip over someone you recognise!

You can find the garden information here over at the Galloping Gardener, Great photos - go and have a peek

We had a lovely family walk in Cobham Woods over the bank holiday weekend, sunshine and so many blue bells, such a lovely sight and smell you just can't beat it. I made some sandwiches and we had breakfast then a long walk back to the car, Moss was exhausted and slept the rest of the day, I think we were all tired. I read recently that if you find wild primroses in woods, it is an ancient wood. How every true of Cobham Woods in Kent. We love it there, you enter and your worries are left behind at the gate, three or so hours later you feel refreshed and stress free.

wild primroses

bluebells in the sunshine


mamasmercantile said...

Very impressive and sassy new car, love her name. Funny how cars always get female names. I must admit I am feeling a tad envious of your trip to the Chelsea flower show.

SaraJ said...

I'm afraid I'm envious! I have wanted a Juke for ages. Have fun. x

Angel Jem said...

I now have an image of you sliding over the bonnet of Daisy Duke and jumping in through the window. Please tell me that's how you get in and out? :)