Thursday, 9 April 2015

What's in my yarn bowl

My lovely yarn bowl (Little Wren Pottery England)

Last year I was lucky to receive a yarn bowl, not any yarn bowl but the one featured in Simply Knitting. My son, Jack remembered that I loved it and kept looking at the page saying "that's clever I need one of those" Well he remembered and bought me one for mothers day last year. It's perfect for small projects like the Birch Trees scarf pattern I originally blogged about here. That very blog post has generated over 400 clicks?!  It just goes to show that a good title and adding to Pinterest and being featured in Simply Knitting for my WIP scarf can generate a whole lot of interest in blog land. I never did finish it because although the pattern is very straight forward I managed to get it wrong and have tried to get back to where I was before it went wrong and couldn't. So I decided last night to start again but this time in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino tomato that I had in my stash.
Anyway if you haven't been given one of these yarn bowls you need to start hinting. Made in England, beautiful hand thrown pottery at its best. I keep mine on show in the lounge when its not being used, actually its there most of the time because its too lovely to put away.

P.S. I'm not endorsing this product just giving my opinion of a lovely, practical knitting aid and sharing my thoughts.

Spring has arrived in my garden
Spring has finally arrived in my gloomy back garden. Signs of new shoots are appearing and I really must catch up on some gardening jobs including finishing off digging my veg patch and to get sowing, I'm way behind where I normally am at this time of year. Not much motivation when its cold and swimming has kind of taken over with my Swimathon just around the corner. Enjoy the rest of your Easter holidays and sunshine.


Winwick Mum said...

I bought a yarn bowl at Yarndale last year. I had thought that I wanted a wooden one but I ended up with a ceramic one and it's lovely. They're a great idea! xx

Joanne Wilson said...

I keep on hinting for one but it's falling on deaf ears so I shall have to buy one myself. It is lovely x

Helen Philipps said...

Your yarn bowl is such a nice design, and so useful. How lovely that your son bought it for you too :)
Happy weekend.
Helen xox

Janet said...

What a lovely son you have. I'm thinking now that I need a yarn my life.