Sunday, 12 April 2015

time to get sowing

I did it, I finally banked enough time to dig over my veg patch and start sowing. I think I went a bit mad, this is what I have started with in just one bed, with room for raddish and something else! Sunflower Topolino (to attract the bees, we love bees); Broccoli Raab (that I bought last year or was it the year before?); Beetroot Boltardy (I've never had success with Beetroot so third time lucky); Carrot Cosmic Purple (left over from last year); Kohl Rabi (another packet from last year and something new); Chard Bright Lights (a favourite in my veg patch) And in two large tubs the Bearded Dragon's salad leaves (oriental and salad bowl).

my little veg patch

A nice little mixture to get me started, all covered to stop my inquisitive Springer Spaniel from looking! I haven't thought about toms and cues and courgettes but I do have all the seeds ready. One small step at a time. I feel so much better, something about digging around in the earth and being in the open air makes you feel so much better.

seeds sown today

I have spare seeds, fancy a seed swap anyone? This is what I have to offer, all in date and mainly Thompson & Morgan :

Butternut Squash
Salad Leaves
Beetroot Alto F1 Hybrid
Herb Basil Purple Ruffles
Pumpkin Mars F1 Hybrid

seed swap

I popped over to TK Max yesterday with Ian and Jack and found a new compost caddy, I love the colour, shame the camera couldn't capture it properly. If you want to seed swap please leave a message or email me

new compost caddy

Oh and some crochet in the sunshine, slowly but surely its going to be finished this month and have learnt some important tips along the way.

granny square blanket


Marlene jones said...

It feels good to have seeds in the ground.

Wainwright and Wright.Co said...

What a lovely selection of seeds - I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour later in the season. What a great compost bin. It's such a pleasure to be able to sit and craft in the sun isn't it?
Caz xx -

Jo said...

It feels good to get the gardening season under way, doesn't it? I like the compost caddy, mine's very plain and boring in comparison. Your crochet is looking lovely, mines been put to one side for a while, I must get going on it again soon.

Helen Philipps said...

Well done on planting so many seeds. You will have a nice varied crop. Crafting in the sunshine is one of my favourite things to do too...your cushions and blanket look very pretty.
Happy weekend.
Helen xox