Saturday, 25 April 2015

Busy doing nothing much

I had a lovely quiet day on Saturday. Not much housework as lucky for me Ian had the day off on Friday and did most of it. After cleaning the kitchen I decided the window needed some colour; and an hour later some new bunting was in place. I was on a roll and made some more, this time for my Folksy shop. It made a nice change to be sewing, I always seem to be making granny squares at the moment. It's a long process my granny square blanket but more about that when I've finished it (I'm way behind but catching up). That's what I like about sewing, you can see the finished piece a lot quicker.

So here are some photos taken in my garden this afternoon before the rain came down.

photo shoot
And the custom bunting for my kitchen window. It worked out perfect, 7 flags all hanging perfect. 

customised bunting for my kitchen window


mamasmercantile said...

What a lovely idea to hang bunting in a window. Hurray for not having to do loads of housework. Have a great day.

Mitzi said...

I do envy those who are good with a sewing machine. I can just about go in a straight line. My poor mum was a seamstress by trade as was her mother and her mother before that. My two sisters can use a sewing machine but I'm afraid that skill just passed me by.

Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely! I agree about sewing being quicker, sometimes crochet does seem slow, I think that it is the ends that slow it down! xx

magsmcc said...

Very gorgeous. My sewing is even slower than my crochet. By far!

Helen Philipps said...

Such pretty bunting! So nice to be able to make something quickly and enjoy the effect!
Happy weekend.
Helen xox