Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers day

flowers and chocolates

I've had a lovely day despite the cold weather and hail stones. Such a shame because Saturday was lovely and sunny but still chilly, it is only March but having some sunshine does make it feel like spring is here.
Today started with a long walk with Ian, Jack and Moss, throwing sticks and getting muddy. On the way back through the Orchard we noticed the pile of compost from last week's community tree planting was still there. A note came up on Facebook to say help yourself, so we did just that. Popped back with the wheelbarrow and took two lots! It filled one side of my veg patch and I got soaked through digging it over and emptying the compost bin. I've never seen so many worms, it was alive! I didn't manage to empty it, got too cold and wet so came in to dry off grab a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit (shh) and sit down to do some crochet and get warm again.

Megan's blanket
I'm getting on well with my granny square blanket with only 3 rows to go. I plan to finish it over Easter when I have a long weekend. I'm still working on Megan's university blanket,  about half way now and I love the colours I've chosen. Once I've done a bit more I'll measure it on a single bed to make sure it fits. I have until September to finish it but I want to start another one so I need to finish this one first! I think I have enough Stylcraft wool to knit another two or three!


I took advantage of the 4 for 3 seed offer at Homebase yesterday, with the added 20% discount made a nice saving. Going to sow the broad beans next weekend,  they did really well last year and I didn't suffer with black fly. Not bad for my first attempt. Once it gets a bit warmer in April I'll start of my Swiss chard bright lights,  a good old favourite for the veg patch. Right now I'm curled up on the sofa full up with roast lamb, crocheting another rowith of the stripey granny blanket. I hope your mother's day was full of nice things too 

granny square blanket


mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a great day. I has great success with the broad beans last year so will be doing them again this year.

Pam said...

I grow broad beans and have never had blackfly. I do what my Grandfather used to, paint the top of a thick stake bright yellow and push it into the ground, any blackfly in the garden go straight to it and get washed away with soapy water.

Mitzi said...

Sounds like you had a great time apart from the getting cold and wet. Blankets are coming along nicely too.

Libby said...

what a lovely blog. I used to blog about all my crafting as well as my garden, then the garden sort of took over, maybe I will go back to how it used to be!