Sunday, 22 March 2015

chocolate and chilli

I started the day with a good swim, training for my Swimathon on April 19th. I did 1.5m in just over an hour, which was a great effort considering I was half asleep and wishing I was under the duvet. 8am is early or me, well swimming at 8am is. I like swimming, it gives me time to think, lane swimming to some is boring but not me. I plug in my waterproof mp3 player and that's it I'm in a world of my own for an hour or so. Other regular swimmers acknowledge each other with a nod or a smile, and let each other get on with their regime.

chilli jam
My sponsorship started off really well and now I've run out of steam and people to ask so a new plan was hatched whilst I was swimming. Bribe my friends with chilli jam £2.50 a jar and all the proceeds going straight the charity. And guess what? It worked!

So there I was still peckish after my second breakfast, making a batch of chilli jam (sold out before I'd even made it, walking around Asda buying the ingredients, phone buzzing with another request) drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits. So that was my afternoon of chocolate and chilli!

More news next week to introduce our new guest called Thor, Jack's new room mate of the lizard variety!


mrsnesbitt said...

Feel so inadequate! Can't make jam not doing anything so energetic. Can't commit myself to swimming session as I am company secretary and have chores to do.

mamasmercantile said...

I am so impressed with your swim, I have all on swimming a couple of widths. Good luck with the sponsors, great idea with the jam.

Amy at love made my home said...

Good luck with the swimming and the jam making - I love chilli jam!! - I hope that you raise lots for your charity!! xx

Mitzi said...

What a great idea for raising money. Hope you get lots of requests.

Bridget said...

Wish I lived closer! Would definitely be buying some jam. Well done you on your swimming. It was a New Years Resolution of mine that I've yet to start!