Sunday, 25 January 2015

Knitting, my first love

My first love is knitting,  I learnt to knit again back in 1991 and although I can crochet now I always go back to knitting. Last night I finished my second slouch hat or beanie,  I love the blackberry stitch and the way it grows after a few rows. It's not a complex pattern but to those people who don't knit it looks interesting and difficult. It's a little work of art made from just two balls of wool, a few hours here and there and I've made something pretty and very practical. My winter swimming means I wear one if these after every swim, keeps my head warm and cosy for the drive home. So now it's a swimming hat!

I started a new hat straight away and I love this vibrant aqua colour.



Bridget said...

I love easy to knit patterns that look difficult to people who don't knit, they make me look really clever!
I love both of the colours x

mamasmercantile said...

Love the style of hat and the beautiful colour aqua.

Jo said...

It's a lovely pattern. I shall have to show Eleanor this post as I think she may like this hat, mind you, I've got enough things on the go just now.

Winwick Mum said...

That's a good-looking hat! I do like the aqua colour, it's lovely xx