Friday, 12 September 2014

a few days holiday

I took a few days holiday during August and then again at the beginning of September. Just to recharge the batteries before the real holiday in 23 days time, I'm counting the days so it must mean its getting nearer. I love that feeling of excitement before a holiday, something to look forward to, somewhere new to explore. How exciting.

Anyway back to my few days holiday. I crammed in quite a few things, it seems a distant memory so where to begin. I know Cobham, I know I go on about this a lot, probably because I love walking in the woods and this time combining it with lunch in the pub. Now we don't normally do that, but as Ian was also off with me for 5 whole days we made an exception and lived a little, well why not? Its a small Parish with some very old and quaint little houses. I took some photos this time to share the views with you.

cold cider :-)
a new route to explore another day
Ian and Moss
house in Cobham
Cobham houses

Next was Canterbury with of shopping in my favourite shops including the sewing shop (I found this lovely Fabric) and visit my parents.

pretty fabric

I made 5m and 29 flags of bunting ready for our trip to the broads next month. In waiting for more fabric to arrive to make the matching piece.

bunting finished
almost there
the start


mamasmercantile said...

Love the fabric for the bunting, looks like Cath Kidston...

Amanda Hurrell said...

yes some of it is an old fabric I found in a box in my craft room :-)

Anne said...

The bunting is fab!!