Friday, 26 September 2014

a colourful crochet granny square baby blanket

I did it, I finally got my act together and finished the tiny granny square blanket for Abbie's baby. Abbie is my hairdresser and she's expecting her fist baby in November, so what better gift than a hand-made bright snuggly baby blanket made up of 64 little granny squares. Wow 64, I hadn't realised I'd made that many.

Tiny granny square blanket finished

Each little granny square is made up of 3 rounds, the 3rd round joining as I went along. I finished off with 3 rounds of pink granny stripes all in Stylecraft Special DK. It's machine washable and could double as a play mat. Sorry about the picture quality, I took them at 10:30pm the other night after I'd finished it!

blanket in progress, I changed it to 8x8

I've enjoyed making this blanket so much and will miss it. It was a small project (24" square) but still a challenge. I'm now pretty good at putting the little squares together and now plan to finish my granny square blanket now that the evenings are drawing in and getting chilly!

We are off to the Broads next weekend so I guess I'll be busy washing, ironing and packing for the next few days. Can't wait and as it's Ian's 50th it should be a fun holiday. There will be 5 adults and one Springer and one large 45 foot boat! (Springer Spaniel + water = eyes in the back of your head!)


Joanne Wilson said...

Oh wow, your hairdresser will love it, its beautiful! Hope you have a fab break and good luck with your doggy & all that water.

mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful gift. Have a great trip on the broads.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Amanda! Your blanket looks fantastic, I love the colours! You must be pleased you finished it, yay!!!
Wishing you a nice break, and don't forget to pack some crochet!!! ;)
Ingrid xx

Crafty in the Med said...

there you are all finished and what a lovely sweet blanket. Great combination of colours too!Do you know I think I like the granny squares more when the squares are small than when they are big.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Amy at love made my home said...

It is lovely Amanda! I am sure that it will be an appreciated and loved gift. xx

Sally A said...

Wow, you must like your hairdresser to make her such a gorgeous blanket!!! I wish I knew someone who was expecting so I could make a blanket.