Friday, 26 September 2014

a colourful crochet granny square baby blanket

I did it, I finally got my act together and finished the tiny granny square blanket for Abbie's baby. Abbie is my hairdresser and she's expecting her fist baby in November, so what better gift than a hand-made bright snuggly baby blanket made up of 64 little granny squares. Wow 64, I hadn't realised I'd made that many.

Tiny granny square blanket finished

Each little granny square is made up of 3 rounds, the 3rd round joining as I went along. I finished off with 3 rounds of pink granny stripes all in Stylecraft Special DK. It's machine washable and could double as a play mat. Sorry about the picture quality, I took them at 10:30pm the other night after I'd finished it!

blanket in progress, I changed it to 8x8

I've enjoyed making this blanket so much and will miss it. It was a small project (24" square) but still a challenge. I'm now pretty good at putting the little squares together and now plan to finish my granny square blanket now that the evenings are drawing in and getting chilly!

We are off to the Broads next weekend so I guess I'll be busy washing, ironing and packing for the next few days. Can't wait and as it's Ian's 50th it should be a fun holiday. There will be 5 adults and one Springer and one large 45 foot boat! (Springer Spaniel + water = eyes in the back of your head!)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Afternoon tea at Eastwell Manor

On the 4th September we visited Eastwell Manor and couldn't have picked a better day. They even put the red carpet out. Oh ok it was for a wedding. The weather was lovely and the grounds of the manor are lovely too and a harpist was playing for the wedding party. 

The cakes are even better! By accident I deleted the photo, sorry. The day was to celebrate my mums 70th and my dads birthday that week. We all had a brilliant time and looking forward to visiting again.

mum and dad

the entrance

beautiful gardens

mum & dad

the girls

the grounds

the garden where weddings are held

Monday, 15 September 2014

free knitting pattern (wash cloth patterns)

A quick last minute gift that can be wrapped with a bar of soap, a wash cloth. I've made these during the past few months for presents for friends. The pink one is knitted in 100% cotton Anchor Style Magicline Splash main colour pink with lots of specs of other colours. I think this looks like tuti fruit sweets. The yarn comes in lots of pretty colours and I had a whole bag in my loft!

The Pattern
Cast on 35 stitches using 4.5mm straight needles

Knit 3 rows

Knit 3, K1, P1 repeat to last 3 stitches, K3

continue until it measures 8 inches then K3 rows and cast off in knit.

That's it, nice and simple.

Another variation (knitted in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK) bright purple for a friends birthday and a joy to knit with. Knits up slightly larger than the other cotton yarn. For the next one I'm going to try 4mm needles.

The Pattern
Cast on 40 stitches using 4.5 straight needles

Knit 2 rows
K1, P1 repeat to end
P1, K1 repeat to end

That's it a 4 row pattern. Knit until piece measures 9inches, which should be the same size as the width. Wrap with a bar of soap. The free printable handknits tag can be downloaded here

Friday, 12 September 2014

Simply Knitting October 2014 - Editors choice - Birch Trees Scarf

I was sent this on Facebook by Julie Marsh this evening and I haven't stopped smiling since! I must go out in the morning and get my copy. Wow editors choice, can't believe it, happy is an understatement. And all because I started to knit Julia's Birch Trees scarf pattern. Now is a good time to start yours, just click on this link

a few days holiday

I took a few days holiday during August and then again at the beginning of September. Just to recharge the batteries before the real holiday in 23 days time, I'm counting the days so it must mean its getting nearer. I love that feeling of excitement before a holiday, something to look forward to, somewhere new to explore. How exciting.

Anyway back to my few days holiday. I crammed in quite a few things, it seems a distant memory so where to begin. I know Cobham, I know I go on about this a lot, probably because I love walking in the woods and this time combining it with lunch in the pub. Now we don't normally do that, but as Ian was also off with me for 5 whole days we made an exception and lived a little, well why not? Its a small Parish with some very old and quaint little houses. I took some photos this time to share the views with you.

cold cider :-)
a new route to explore another day
Ian and Moss
house in Cobham
Cobham houses

Next was Canterbury with of shopping in my favourite shops including the sewing shop (I found this lovely Fabric) and visit my parents.

pretty fabric

I made 5m and 29 flags of bunting ready for our trip to the broads next month. In waiting for more fabric to arrive to make the matching piece.

bunting finished
almost there
the start

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

and the winner is ....................

Thank you to everyone who left a message on my Summer giveaway that closed on August 31st. Apologies for not posting sooner, I had last week as a holiday and I guess I was still in holiday mode!

So the winner is  ................ Jo at The Good Life

well done Jo .... please contact me by email to arrange the delivery of your prize.