Friday, 13 June 2014

hand-made (lavender bags)

Another lavender bag stack made and ready to post off tomorrow. I haven't made one for ages then this week I received an order. I still love making them and the smell of lavender in the evening in my craft room is lovely and very relaxing.

Most evenings this week have been spent watering the garden, hanging baskets and veg patch. We don't have a big garden but it still takes a little while to potter around with the watering can. I've gone mad with geraniums this year, Morrisons had them on offer so I bought some bright pink and red ones. The ones in the pot were bought in Waitrose (Fireworks Scarlet) and I am going to bring them inside for the winter. The flowers are so bright and spiky I just couldn't resist buying two plants and they have been flowering really well. I've also got one in a blue wall planter by the back door. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine. I'll be in the office all day Friday when its going to be a hot one!


Emma Elliott said...

These look lovely great fabric :o)

eight by six said...

Cath Kidston my favourite

Amy at love made my home said...

I love buying geraniums too!! xx