Saturday, 10 May 2014

A new granny blanket

I'm finishing my blanket today as it's raining here in Kent but I also started a new one this week (naughty ee) it's a Christmas present for my sister. I know it's only May but if it takes as long as the blanket I'm finishing then I've got plenty of time. Do you like the colours I've chosen? I love them and not so bright like my blanket and it was a great excuse to try some new colours. I just love the violet and lavender together. I decided to use parchment to give it a more traditional look and to break up the colours and it may get used in the border. I've been looking through pinterest and there are so many good ideas.
I've also found time to make a new brooch and I plan to make one for a friend who is visting in two weeks time (Bianca).
My zucchini seeds germinated in under a week and are on their first true leaves. I've sown more for my friend Ann who us coming back to Kent in June after 10 months teaching in Abu Dubai.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda x
new granny blanket
Zucchini plants
rain from the house
new brooch I made this week


Joanne Wilson said...

What a lovely idea to make you sister a blanket for Christmas. I agree on the starting early, I'm planning on attempting to make my sister a patchwork stocking for her gifts but I will need to start now.

Lynda said...

Lilac, lavender, mauve, favourite colours too.

I think that's why I like crocheting granny blankets, I love to see all the colours and how they come together.

I'm sure the blanket will be lovely :)