Monday, 7 April 2014

New shoots

What a difference a few days make. Last week the garden was still looking dreary and all of a sudden as if by magic green shoots and new life everywhere! I planted the three bays along near the fence on Saturday then it rained so great timing.
The marigold seeds sowed on April 1st germinated by the 4th on the dining room window, that was quick! The trays in the pop-up plastic greenhouse haven't emerged so I might bring them in for a week but then you have to acclimatise them later on. Still time so maybe I'll leave them until the weekend.
Jobs to do this week - Pot on tomato plants now they have 2 true leaves, buy a new pop up greenhouse, canes for runner beans, start courgette and beans. Waiting for my Thompson and Morgan seed delivery with some of these seeds! Lots to do at this time of year. I'm also planning a giveaway for this month. I've started getting the prize together, more news soon.
I'm still waiting for news of my RHS Chelsea Flower Show press pass - good things come to those that wait (hopefully!)
Let's have a walk around my small garden, pictures taken on Saturday evening 
chocolate flowers on my pittosporum
grape hyacinth (need to plant more this Sept)
heart made by my sister
new shoots on standard Bays
standard bays, my birthday present from May 2013
marigold seeds
next to the pond
a view of the veg patch and pond
new granny square blanket


Jo said...

How lovely to get a press pass for Chelsea. I'd love to go to the show one year, it'a a bit far for a day though, I'd have to make a few days of it.

eight by six said...

It is a long day but its only an hours drive from where I live + a tube + walk. I haven't received my ticket yet though :-(

eight by six said...
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Joanne said...

Your garden looks lovely & neat. I hope your pass comes through for you soon.

serendipity said...

Your blanket is going to be lovely and colourful. Love the nice tidy garden. xx