Monday, 14 April 2014

Glorious granny squares

It's like a production line every evening in my house. Lots and lots of granny squares. I can't believe how many I can now do in one evening in front of the tv

I've found that making the circles in batches makes it much easier to work on a whole batch in one evening. Last night it was chilly so I also worked on my granny stripe and liked the warmth of it I carried on. Only 10 stripes to go now so almost finished. Just need sew in a million ends and work on a border design. I'll post some pictures over the weekend 

colourful grannies


Bridget said...

Loving those colours

eight by six said...

thanks Bridget x

Jo said...

I've never done granny squares in batches like that, I always work on one until it's finished but I can see how much easier it is to do it that way. Love the colours you're using.