Thursday, 3 April 2014

Gardening bug

Last weekend I visited a family run garden center in Canterbury The Gardeners Paradise that my parents and sister have started using since my parents moved last summer. Its very reasonable and well stocked too. I have a neglected area next to the veg parch that needed a bit of tlc. My sister suggested some hedging so we chose something evergreen and when pruned can be used for cutflower arrangements. the plant is the Eucalyptus (gum tree) it may go mad and grow rapidly but I quite hope it does to give a bit of screening and colour. I've under planted with ladies mantle (this self seeds all over my gravel garden) and Johnston's blue geranium that my mum gave me before she moved to Canterbury. I am also growing Calendula for this spot to add some colour oh and some French marigolds for the tomatoe plant companion planting.

Next to the pond Kerria is growing through the fence so I've gained a free plant!  I also bought 3 pots of bay in B&Q for £12 bargain. The aim is to restock the garden on a shoe string with bargain finds and cuttings from friends gardens. My sister gave me 8 pots of crocosmia montbretia that originally came from my 2nd house/garden over ten years ago. That's the way we like to garden in our family!

So this weekend I have a busy time digging in the new plants and probably sowing more seeds.

side of pond with Kerria growing through the fence
veg patch
3 bays from B&Q
Dad, sister and mum enjoying the sunshine
garden centre Canterbury, Kent
home made Victoria sponge (by me) for mothers day and my sisters birthday


Joanne said...

You had a good bargain with your bay trees. I wish the Ladies Mantle in my garden would self seed, it has proved to be very stubborn so far xx

eight by six said...

Joanne - the Ladies Mantle originally came from a garden fair a few years ago. And another from my sister & mums gardens. I grow mine in soil then in gravel and it seems to like these conditions

Jo said...

What a great bargain on the bays. I've got a fair few plants in my garden which have come as cuttings from Mick's auntie and uncle, it's a great way to increase stock on a shoestring. Your Victoria Sponge looks delicious.

eight by six said...

Jo the recipe is Mary Berry all in one Victoria sponge and I plan to make another one this weekend

eight by six said...
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CJ said...

Mmm, that cake looks good lucky you. A lovely garden centre as well, and some good bargains in those bay trees, they are some of my favourites. It's a busy time for sowing right now, I hope you get everything you want done this weekend.