Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter weekend

Sunday was a wash out but it didn't stop us venturing out to walk Moss (Jack and me). The good thing about wet weather is that you have the fields to yourself!  Only the true dog owners brave wet, cold windy weather and that's exactly what it was like in Easter Sunday. Heating on, hot chocolate and drying wet clothes!

a snail on our walk on Sunday (there were lots of them out in the rain!)
welly weather

Easter Sunday walk in the rain

Moss swimming in the rain

What a difference on Monday, warm and sunny so we popped to Maidstone to walk along the river, have some lunch and do some shopping. I bought two new cushions, hand knitted in charcoal and one in biscuit perfect for one large sofa and I'm sure I saw another one in the Ashford branch of tk max, I'll pop over there next week to see if its still available. I can't take the credit for these, my husband Ian chose them. Oversized, feather filled cushions, and so comfortable that Ian is asleep on one of them as I type!!

All Saints Church next to Archbishops Palace, Maidstone

I've almost finished the large stripe granny blanket with about 3 stripes to go (six rows) to 60 stripes but I might make it a bit bigger but I'm itching to try a ripple blanket so maybe not. I'm glad it was a chilly start to the weekend (and tonight) so I could get on with it. Here's a couple of photos (lighting not very good this evening). I hope you had a great weekend too with some sunshine, crafting, getting together with friends/family and eating Easter eggs. Amanda  x 
granny stripe blanket almost finished - yeah!

new cushion charcoal


Angel Jem said...

Oh oh! All the ends to sew in... *shudder*
We had a miserable Sunday weather wise but Monday was lovely. But today..... today is school. I am not happy. I'd really rather like a week off after Easter. Hope your week goes well x

Jules said...

Love your granny stripe blanket Amanda, gorgeous colours! I love how you can walk your dogs through fields, we have a fair bit of bush near where I live over here, but it is not quite the same as lovely green fields! Glad the weather fined up and you could enjoy your day out. Have great week, Julie x

moonstruckcreations said...

We were lucky with the weather, it turned out quite sunny in the afternoon.

Love your crochet blanket, I'm currently working on a granny square throw, only another 20 squares to go - and counting!


eight by six said...

thank you for your lovely comments and welcome to Helen from Moonstruckcreations. I love looking at all your work too. Amanda x

Bridget said...

You are right only the hardiest of dog walkers out in the rain! I've seen lots of knitted cushions about lately and knitted light shades seem to be all the rage!