Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crochet granny squares

I'm back with my crochet mojo this week! Granny square blanket one (reworked) and enjoying it. I did some at blue water this week and today in my lunch break, join as you go along last night. I love that bit now that I've got the hang of it now! It's not as tricky as I made out and so long as you remember to chain' 1 before and after attaching to the next granny square you get into the rhythm quickly. I'm going to run out of squares so tonight I'm reworking and making more.
The colours are working well and I picked up another colour (fuscia) in John Lewis ( I love that shop) and a darker green on eBay (bargain heaven). I will add more photos at the weekend to show you some of the squares joined.


Joanne Wilson said...

I like the colours you picked. I love John Lewis too.

Jo said...

I haven't picked up the ripple I'm making for Eleanor for quite a while now. I think sometimes you just need a bit of a break and then it's fresh when you go back to it again.

eight by six said...

I remembered what you said Jo about making squares, the more you do the easier they are to make. After 25 they are getting easier!