Sunday, 9 March 2014

sunshine and sowing seeds

I'm making the most of the sunshine this morning and sewing my herb seeds, I was meant to do it last weekend. The upcycled table that Ian repaired last year comes in handy for potting seeds (but it is the dog grooming table!)

I bought the Stewart kitchen garden propagator kits from Wilkos last week, £5 each and they come complete with four olive green matching pots. Cute and pracical. I've put some pea shingle on the base, I normally use old newspapers but couldn't find any this morning. And Wilko have an offer on seeds, 3 for 2 great value and cheaper than the supermarket. If you live near The Range they offer 2 packs of De Ree seeds for 99p. I already had the seed compost un-opened from last year.


chives - decorative pink flowes and mild onion flavour leaves

basil sweet - mild aniseed flavour. Easy to grow it quickly produces succulent leaves on the windowsill

parsley Moss Curled - very versitile, easy to grow in pots on the windowsill. Once established transfer to veg patch where it will happily grow for a couple of years 

dill (Anethum graveolens) - sweet aniseed flavour is perfect for adding to sauces, salads or soups. An attractive hardy plant with feathery leaves. Grows best in a sunny spot < The Range 2 packs for 99p>

and I've taken my granny squares outside, warm sunny garden, hot cup of tea!


Anne said...

I havent sowed any seeds this year with all the work going on with the lawn. I will definitely sow some carrots in pots and some lettuce leaves but will buy some plug plants for annuals as I wont have time to grow myself. Dill plants look lovely in the garden their flower heads are wonderful.

Bridget said...

Our back garden is still full of mud. We need to rotovate it but it's still far too wet. I think I'm going to be growing quite a bit in pots!
Looking forward to seeing yours all grown later in the year

Joanne said...

You have some great bargains there, I'm planning a batch of herb & flower sowing myself today.

eight by six said...

You will have to let me know how you get on Joanne