Saturday, 15 February 2014

down came the rain .. curled up with my granny blanket

crochet hot water bottle
It's the same all over the UK, we just can't escape this crazy weather. The wind blew over the bins, bay tree balls and wheel barrow last night. Oh and I've lost the lid to my garden storage bin, no idea where that has flown off to. And now its coming down again and the wind hasn't dropped yet. I'm not complaining because in Kent we have been ok (so far) but I do feel for the people in Cornwall and along the Thames who's homes have been flooded and farmers with their live stock having to move them from flooded barns. I can't imagine the worry these people are going through.  
So today after the housework is done (almost there now) I'm going to sit down with a cup of tea and crochet another row of my granny blanket. Its grown a bit this week, row 40 now but only about half way through. Making blankets in this weather is great because you get to use it before it is even finished! I love being huddled under my blanket but hate moving it to turn it around, you can tell how warm it is when you have to move it. 40 rows are quite heavy but nice and flat and looks like a blanket now. I'm pretty slow so I think we can honestly say it will be Spring before it is finished.

I have some more crochet news to share with you.. for now I'll just show you a picture and fill you in with all the details shortly..
Have a great weekend. Amanda x


Laura said...

Your blanket is looking great... keep up the good work! xoxo

eight by six said...

Thank you Laura x