Monday, 27 January 2014

a finished project

I have finished a project, yeah! I have lots of projects on the go at once, who doesn’t? But I am trying very hard to finish the ones that I’ve started. It’s not a new year’s resolution, just something each month I keep thinking about. I find it hard, very hard not to start something new. There are so many free patterns on Pinterest and so many ideas I pin daily. So many yarns I want to work with, but for now I am very content with my granny stripe blanket. It’s funny how the Style Craft yarn is so reasonable but yet so fantastic to work with. The colour range is brilliant and you can crochet a blanket for around £25, depending on the actual size. At the moment I’m on row 32 so hopefully will get this blanket finished before we have a really cold spell.
You can find the pattern here for the Blackberry stitch beanie. It’s lovely to knit and not too complicated once you get the hang of it. And with a four row pattern it knits up quickly. I sourced my wool on eBay and it was around £8 for two balls delivered.



Jo said...

It's lovely, an interesting pattern. I might give this a go myself.

eight by six said...

Jo it is lovely and so comfy and warm to wear. Maybe Eleanor would like one?