Monday, 16 September 2013

Free knitting patterns (pumpkins for Halloween)

Jack be Little Pumpkin from Sitting Tree Blog
In search of a free knitting pattern for little pumpkins I came across these two at The Sittingtree blog and one at Natural Suburbia and thought I'd share them with you.
As I haven't knitted one (yet) I have included pictures from both blogs; aren't they cute? I have some orange wool left over from my granny stripe blanket that I have just for this project.
Pumpkin knitting pattern from Natural Suburbia
Free Knitting Pattern:  Jack Be Little Pumpkin (taken from Sittingtree Blog)


A few scrap yards of worsted weight wool

Size 4 double pointed knitting needles

Wool fleece for filling

Darning needle

Finished Measurements: about 3" in diameter.


CO 36 sts. leaving a 12" tail.  

 Divide onto three needles and join, being careful not to twist.

*K5, P1  Repeat from * around until piece measures 3" long.

Break off yarn leaving a 12" tail and using darning needl e, feed it through all the stitches.  Pull tight and then skim the tail through again for extra durability.  Secure the end with a knot.  

Turn the whole thing inside out. {You could P5, K1 but I loathe purling.  Your choice.}

On the open end, thread the darning needle using the tail and weave it in and out around the edge.

Fill the pumpkin with a sufficient amount of wool and pull tight.  Make a little knot to keep it in place.  Now feed the tail up through the middle and out the top hole.  Tie the two tails together until it resembles a pumpkin! You can hide the tails by pulling them into the middle.

For the stem, pick up and knit 4 stitches on the top.  Knit 3/4" of i cord.  Bind off and darn in ends.
Knitted Pumpkin Pattern 2
Materials Needed:

Wool needle for sewing up
Circular needles
2 double pointed needles
Orange yarn for your pumpkin and green for your stem.
Fleece for stuffing

With circular needles cast on 9 stitches.
Round 1: Knit the first round.
Round 2: Increase into every stitch in the second round, you will now have 18 stitches.
Round 3: Knit 1 round.
Round 4: Increase into each stitch in the 4th round, you will now have 36 stitches.
Round 5 to 9: Knit
Round 10: Knit 2 together all across the round.(18 stitches)
Round 11: Knit.
Round 12: Knit 2 together all across the round. (9 stitches)
Round 13: Knit.
Leaving a long thread, break yarn and thread onto a wool needle, thread your wool needle through your stitches, stuff and pull tight. Do not overstuff as this might make your pumpkin look too round, I understuffed my pumpkin and the convolutions of the pumpkin’s skin showed up quite nicely.  


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They are great. I knitted some a couple of years back but cant find the pattern now. I will make a note of that pattern.

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